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College third-year Rania Ziar.

In The Locker Room With Rania Ziar, Third-Year Varsity Lacrosse Player

November 15, 2019

College third-year Rania Ziar is excited to start her third season on the varsity women’s lacrosse team after dealing with various injuries that have kept her sidelined for multiple seasons. Despite her setbacks, she has remained spirited and determined both on and off the field. She is a Neuroscience major on the pre-med track with a minor in Middle East and North Africa Studies. In her free time, she works with Professor Gunnar Kwakye in a neurotoxicology lab and as a Peer Advising Lea...

The cast of The Wolves get into position on the Williams Field House turf field.

Actors Train Like Athletes for Upcoming Production of The Wolves

November 15, 2019

Students will don their soccer uniforms and sneakers and warm-up before taking to the stage — not the field — in the upcoming Oberlin Theater Association production The Wolves. For plays and films about sports, actors often take on the persona of an athlete, regardless of whether they have previous athletic experience. This requires intense physical preparation and devotion to learning the craft of the sport that they hope to portray. The play’s nine characters are all members o...

Oberlin College No Stranger to Mascot Changes

Nathan Carpenter and Jane Agler

November 15, 2019

In the spring of 1947, it appears that The Oberlin Review’s editors — specifically the sports editors — got bored. For reasons lost to history, they decided that Oberlin’s mascot, the Yeoman, was no longer suitable to represent the school in its athletic endeavors. So, they decided to sponsor a vote to christen a nickname for the Yeoman that would have a little more pizazz. After a brief selection process, which involved a committee constituted of the Review’s sports editors and some faculty representatives, the nickname Crimson Knights was selected. Immediately, the Review put it into use, insisting that while the name was new, it would eventually be embraced. “The main trouble in givi...

College fourth-year Jack McMillin. Photo Courtesy of OC Athletics

In The Locker Room with Jack McMilllin, Fourth-Year Varsity Soccer Player

November 8, 2019

College fourth-year Jack McMillin’s ex-perience at Oberlin College has been, in a word, multifaceted. Not only has he found success on the field playing as a starting midfielder for the men’s soccer team, he is also graduating with a Creative Writing major and Africana Studies and Studio Art minors. Having been born and raised in Oberlin, OH, McMillin has been involved with the men’s soccer team from a young age. But looking beyond his college career, McMillin hopes to be able to w...

Oberlin women’s volleyball players gather around College second-year Lauren Fitts.

Despite Slow Season, Volleyball Looks to Impress in Season-Ending NCAC Championship Tournament

November 8, 2019

As their season comes to an end, Oberlin’s varsity volleyball team has one more opportunity to seek success after a relatively slow season. The team hopes to defeat their North Coast Athletic Conference counterparts in an attempt to receive an automatic bid to move forward into the NCAA Division III tournament. Seeded eighth out of nine teams, the Yeowomen (1-7) will travel to the Pam Evans Smith Arena in Springfield, OH tomorrow, home of the previous NCAC league champions Wittenberg Universit...

Protesters demonstrating against the Chilean government.

College Third-Year, Lacrosse Player Alec Palmiotti Details the Chilean Protests from Santiago

November 1, 2019

 On Oct. 18, Chilean citizens took to the streets in response to the government’s implementation of a raise in the cost of public metro fare. Alec Palmiotti, a College third-year varsity lacrosse player, has been a witness to this heightening unrest through his study away program in the country’s capital, Santiago. “The [U.S. media] coverage on what’s going on in Chile has been flawed on multiple levels,” Palmiotti wrote in an email to the Review. “In some ways, [the protests are...

Women’s Soccer Starts New Preseason Tradition: Race and LGBTQ+ Workshops

Jane Agler, Sports Editor

October 11, 2019

This past summer, the Oberlin varsity women’s soccer team looked to foster an inclusive space for all members, new and old, through workshops addressing LGBTQ+, gender, and racial identities. Rather than solely adhering to the preseason strategies that have been implemented for many years, the team started this new tradition. Each workshop was organized and headed by team members of those respective communities. “A major goal of [the workshops] was to begin normalizing these kinds of conversations in team spaces and help our teammates realize that they have a very tangible connection to [these] issue[s],” said College third-year and workshop facilitator Louise Metz. The workshops were conducted through panels comprised...

I’m Tired: The Official Best Sports Movies List

Jane Agler, Sports Editor

September 20, 2019

 I’m tired. Too many publications have released definitive lists of “the greatest sports films of all time” that always include the same films that share similar problematic tropes: disrespectful treatment of women, racism, and other forms of bigotry. The genre itself does not reflect the real diversity that exists within the realm of sports. It’s time to look beyond films like Hoosiers, Any Given Sunday, and The Blind Side. That being said, the following eight films have subverted these troubling themes.   1. Hoop Dreams (1994) Don’t stop reading just because the film at the top of my list is a documentary. I’ll get to the fiction in a moment; but first you should know that this docume...

College fourth-year Laila Telles.

Laila Telles, Senior Club Soccer Captain

September 20, 2019

 Fourth-year Cinema Studies and English major Laila Telles has her hands full. When she isn’t attending film screenings or tearing through books, she can be found playing soccer in Oberlin’s North Fields. Telles is the captain of Oberlin’s Club Soccer team, one of the few all-gender sports collectives on campus. She has been an active member since the first week of her first year, and intends on leaving a legacy of inclusion for the remaining members after she graduates.  This interview has ...

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