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Dual-degree sophomore Corley Friesen-Johnson and Conservatory junior Maggie King hanging out in South Hall. A master key to the dorm went missing toward the end of the Spring 2018 semester.

ResEd Misplaces South Hall Master Key

September 14, 2018

Editor’s note: Editor-in-Chief Nathan Carpenter is a student staff member for the Office of Residental Education, and was uninvolved with the reporting and editing of this story. A master key to South Hall, one of Oberlin’s largest traditional housing facilities, has been missing for several months. This key is able to access any room in South Hall, which has a capacity of 220 students. “The College became aware of a master key being missing toward the end of the [spring] semester,” said A...

College Senior Andrea Wang grabs a salad at DeCafé’s new salad bar, one of the many changes to this year’s setup.

Administration Announces Campus Dining Changes Amid Budget Crisis

September 7, 2018

Campus Dining Services has undergone several recent changes that have restructured the way students can access food and use meal swipes. Wilder DeCafé, Lord-Saunders Dining Hall, and Azariah’s Café now all offer grab-and-go meal options. Stevenson Dining Hall, too, now offers quick, portable options outside of the main dining area. The Science Cart has been closed, but the Science Center is equipped with vending machines that offer coffee and snacks. Dean of Students Meredith Raimondo explained that the ...

Although the Goldsmith and Union Street Village Housing Units were built in 2005, some of older residential areas will be showcased to trustees during the student-led tours this weekend. The tours are the first of their kind, launched by Student Senate to make trustees aware of poor
facilities and housing.

Tours Stress Need for Housing Improvements

December 8, 2017

Student Senate will arrange student-led campus tours for members of the Board of Trustees in attempt to make them aware of the deteriorating state of certain residential spaces on campus and highlight respective needed improvements. The tours will be held Dec. 7–9, in addition to the usual forums that take place in King Building during Trustee Week. Senate’s goal is to convince the board to allocate more money and resources to housing and other spaces on campus in which students live, study,...

The 2.27-megawatt solar array located on the College campus generates about 12 percent of the College’s electricity and is one of the many reasons Oberlin has a chance to win the Georgetown University Energy Prize of $5 million.

Oberlin Advances to Final Round of Energy Contest

December 1, 2017

Oberlin has advanced with nine other cities to the final round of competition for the Georgetown University Energy Prize, which recognizes top performing communities for increasing energy efficiency and reducing municipal and household energy budgets. The winner, to be announced this month, will earn $5 million to fund their “dream project.” Former staff members of the Oberlin Project and members of Providing Oberlin With Efficiency Responsibly entered Oberlin into the competition in 2014. T...

Technology Store to Close in December

Sydney Allen and Jenna Gyimesi

December 1, 2017

The Oberlin Technology Store, located in the Mudd library basement, will shut down Dec. 15. The store has provided students, staff, faculty, and community members with discounted electronics and advice for the past 30 years. The store’s one full-time employee, Director of Desktop Services Linda Iroff, was informed about the closing two weeks ago. Her position is being terminated. “It’s not my choice,” Iroff said. “I have worked for the College for 27 and a half years; most of the time I’ve worked at the store. The store opened up 30 years ago. It’s moved around, and the store has grown. I think what I can say is that priorities are changing in terms of the services that the institution provides.” A...

City Council Approves Heritage Home Program

Jenna Gyimesi, Staff Writer

November 17, 2017

City Council approved the Heritage Home Program to create a fund that will provide homeworkers and landowners a more affordable, accessible way to renovate or repair aging homes. The program, passed Nov. 6, will officially take effect Dec. 1. Anyone who owns a home in Oberlin built 50 or more years ago can receive free technical assistance. Qualifying homeowners can obtain a low-interest, equity-based loan to improve upon or maintain their property through the program. Recently re- elected City Councilmember Linda Slocum was a critical advocate for the program, and she articulated it as one of her main goals throughout her campaign. “When I was running for council the first time, I went to the [doorstep] of...

Palestinian field researcher and spokesperson Nasser Nawaj’ah shared his personal experiences and promoted student activism in Craig Lecture Hall Wednesday.

Palestinian Activist Calls For Student Engagement

November 10, 2017

Palestinian activist Nasser Nawaj’ah came to Oberlin Wednesday to share his personal experiences with students and educate them on the demolition of villages in the occupied West Bank. His visit was sponsored by J Street U, an organization that is active at at least 70 campuses nationwide. Oberlin was one of two schools chosen to host Nawaj’ah. Nawaj’ah was born in the small village of Susya, Palestine, which has been wrecked seven times since 1985 and is currently being demolished. Families...

Students protested on Wilder Bowl Thursday in favor of adding additional staff to the Office of Disability Resources, among other demands. Tensions flared last month following the unexpected resignation of Interim Director of the ODR Isabella Moreno.

Students Demand More Full-Time ODR Staff, Resources

November 3, 2017

The Office of Disability Resources is searching for a permanent director to fill the position after Isabella Moreno’s abrupt departure in early October. Meanwhile, Assistant Dean Monique Burgdorf has been appointed interim director. Moreno’s departure left the office with no permanent full-time staffers. The office was embroiled in controversy last month after messages circulated on Facebook suggesting that Moreno resigned due to an overwhelming workload. Now that the College has revealed...

Oberlin Superintendent David Hall at the most recent Board of Education meeting.
There are currently six people running for three open positions on the Board of

Election Brings Opportunity for Needed Change in School District

October 27, 2017

Since the Oberlin City School District continues to face uncertainty as enrollment numbers drop and the construction of a new school remains up in the air, the Nov. 7 election presents a much-needed opportunity for positive change. The school board is made up of five elected representatives, and three seats will be up for grabs at the end of the year. Six candidates are vying for a position, including current representatives Albert Borroni and Anne Schaum, recently resigned Oberlin College staff ...

College sophomore Kara Nepomuceno leading a PAL meeting. PAL was created this year to help first-years acclimate to college life under the leadership of student advisors.

First-Year Program Encourages Community, Confidence

September 29, 2017

The Office of the Dean of Students initiated a new advising and orientation model this semester. The program, the Peer Advising Leader initiative, pairs student advisors with first-years in a semester-long program to help them adjust to college life. Unlike the ambassador program — the orientation model from previous years that paired first-years with older students — the PAL program extends far beyond orientation to include an optional semester-long course called Introduction to Oberlin Life an...

Board Proposes School Consolidation

Jenna Gyimesi, Staff Writer

September 22, 2017

The wear on Eastwood Elementary, Prospect Elementary, Langston Middle School, and Oberlin High School over the years has prompted the Oberlin Board of Education to propose the construction of a $36 million building to house the students of all four schools. The idea has been up in the air for nearly a decade, but it never became a real possibility until recently. The plan is partially incentivized by the prospect of long-term financial gain, both in maintenance and efficiency costs. “A study done about a decade ago explored the age of our current buildings and enrollment and proposed several suggested facility plans to consider,” Oberlin City School Board President Anne Schaum said. “Among other things, the...

Former Professor Faces Federal Charges

Jenna Gyimesi, Staff Writer

September 8, 2017

A former Oberlin Experimental College Professor Robert Roche was formally indicted on federal charges of conspiracy and theft of government funds last Wednesday. An Apache Native American himself, Roche serves as the executive director of the American Indian Education Center and is a prominent national activist in the fight to end racism against indigenous peoples. However, he may have harmed and stolen from the very people he has fought to defend. Roche and his alleged co-conspirator, Craig McGuire of Cleveland, are accused of embezzling over $180,000 in federal grant money. Roche allegedly pocketed about $77,000 for personal use. McGuire pled guilty in April to charges raised against him. The upcoming trial will be ...

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