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UAW Leadership Calls Outsourcing Plan Inconsistent with College’s Racial Justice Values

UAW 2192 Leadership Team

June 12, 2020

To Oberlin College, Historically, the United Auto Workers union has played an important role in pioneering civil rights and freedoms in and out of the workplace. The UAW has walked hand in hand with civil rights leaders and the civil rights movement — from helping fund the Montgomery bus boycott and the march from Selma to Montgomery to providing an office at the Solidarity House for Martin Luther King Jr., where he penned his “I Have a Dream” speech. The UAW was also there to post bail for Dr. King’s release in 1963 from a Birmingham City Jail. That is what the UAW stands for.  In a recent email from President Ambar where she spoke from the heart about the black community, she mentioned that “Oberlin ...

Buffy Lukachko Excellent Bargaining Representative Candidate

Tracy Tucker, OCOPE Local 502 Administrative Assistant, Departments of Politics and Latin American Studies

May 10, 2019

UAW Local 2192 elections will be held Thursday, May 16. As a union member, I am writing to urge my UAW brothers and sisters to vote for Buffy Lukachko as your bargaining representative. Dedication, experience, knowledge, and determination are all qualities of a leader — all of which Buffy possesses, and then some. Buffy is someone who will protect and defend the rights of all UAW members and isn’t afraid to stand up to management. She is a force to be reckoned with.  Buffy has worked closely with the committee members of the We Are Oberlin Too campaign and the other unions on campus to reinforce our solidarity. She truly understands the importance of solidarity not only within the unions, but throughout the...

Two facilities workers complete a work order. The College and the UAW have been at loggerheads
over an administrative proposal to record how long facilities workers spend completing work orders.

UAW, College Gridlocked Over Contract

September 25, 2015

The United Auto Workers, the labor union that represents facilities workers, is clashing with Oberlin College over proposed procedural changes. The College’s plan would levy a more rigid time-evaluation system onto UAW employees, which some workers say could result in unfair penalties. “If you have an assignment that takes on average 30 minutes and someone is taking three days to do it, that’s a problem,” Oberlin UAW Chairman Milton Wyman said. “But if you take 45 minutes, and I take 30 ...

Hospital, Employees Negotiate Wage Increases

Oliver Bok, Staff Writer

November 7, 2014

After more than two months of contentious negotiation, Mercy Regional Medical Center employers in Lorain reached an agreement this past Friday on a new contract with their union employees. The five-year contract was subsequently ratified unanimously on Monday by the maintenance and service workers represented by the Service Employees International Union District 1199 and employed by Mercy Regional, a hospital run by the Cincinnati-based nonprofit Mercy Health. “The contract included a two percent wage increase for each year of the contract and allowed them to continue to provide quality services and healthcare to the community,” said Anthony Caldwell, a spokesperson for SEIU District 1199. At issue in...

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