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Ambar Provides Opportunity for Needed Change

Editorial Board

September 1, 2017

Each new academic year offers an opportunity to turn a new leaf. With the end of former President Marvin Krislov’s decade-long tenure this summer, that opportunity has perhaps never been greater at Oberlin. Simultaneously, however, the institution has never seemed to be in a more precarious position in recent memory than it does now. Just within the last year, Oberlin has seen cuts to administrative assistant and custodial positions, threats to eliminate programs like faculty research status, yet another tuition increase accompanied by an overhaul in room and board requirements, and the resumption of business with Gibson’s Bakery after controversy that sparked massive student protests. Together, these choi...

Alum Demands Respect for Dye

Michael H. Lubas, OC ’69

September 1, 2017

To the Editors: I am enraged, and The Oberlin Review should be ashamed! The May 5 edition with its front page lead-in on Marvin Krislov’s legacy is an abomination! While I was never a Nancy Dye cheerleader, the article demonstrates the cloudy presuppositions and misinformed arrogant assumptions posturing as reporting while a love-fest for Krislov is mirrored against a less than compassionate understanding of Dye’s progressive illness, which she chose not to parade in the manner that seems to be Oberlin’s motto these days; essentially, “I am a victim!” She chose to do the best she could with what she had. I and others may not always have agreed with her thinking or manner, but I can only hope to have...

New Administration Gives Students Hope

Miyah Byers, Contributing Writer

September 1, 2017

Life led me to Oberlin through an old and beat-up language composition book. I remember the very day I was wandering through the dog-eared pages of “The Bird and the Machine,” an essay written by a former Obie professor, Loren Eiseley, when I came across the name of the college for the first time. I was in the 11th grade then, and growing restless from the monotony and institutional red tape sometimes present in high school settings that can hinder students from pursuing social justice in their own hallways. As one of the few Black girls in my school, I was in serious need of a supportive community that was not tone-deaf to the struggles that people of color face on a daily basis; of an institution that w...

College Raises Tuition, Overhauls Room and Board

College Raises Tuition, Overhauls Room and Board

April 21, 2017

Attending Oberlin College will cost $69,372 next academic year thanks to a 2.8-percent tuition increase announced by outgoing Vice President for Finance and Administration Mike Frandsen via email Tuesday. The email lists significant changes to student dining and housing options that raise minimum costs and reduce the amount of need-based financial aid for Oberlin Student Cooperative Association members. Beginning with the incoming class, all non-OSCA first-years are required to have a 300-meal...

New President Should Prioritize Communication

Editorial Board

February 17, 2017

Oberlin is undergoing an administrative makeover with President Marvin Krislov and Vice President for Finance and Administration Mike Frandsen both departing this spring. With these two major transitions, the College is approaching a decisive opportunity to address students’ major concerns with administrative shortcomings. The primary concern with the current administration is the opaque ways in which significant decisions are made. The College’s top-down decision-making process leaves students mostly out of the loop until it’s too late to voice dissent or offer valuable insight into how actions might impact day-to-day student life. One of the most viable ways this can improve is by opening up more channels of ...

Krislov Outlines College Sanctuary Policies

Melissa Harris, Production Editor

December 9, 2016

President Marvin Krislov detailed how the College plans to serve its undocumented students in an email sent to students, faculty and staff last Thursday. The announcement follows efforts to make the College a sanctuary campus in anticipation of President-elect Donald Trump enacting draconian immigration-law reforms. “I have been inspired by this movement,” Krislov wrote. “I honor and recognize the students who have chosen to bring their talents to Oberlin. We will do everything we can to support you as cherished members of our community, in keeping with our fundamental values as an institution.” Krislov also announced that he recently signed the “Statement in Support for the Deferred Action for Childhood...

Feature Photo: Krislov Announces Sanctuary Campus Status

Feature Photo: Krislov Announces Sanctuary Campus Status

December 2, 2016

Students gather around the front steps of Wilder Hall Nov. 16, calling for Oberlin College to become a sanctuary campus. President Krislov responded in an email to the community Thursday and committed to meeting all demonstrated financial need for admitted students and not taking immigration status into account in the admissions process. Krislov also wrote that the College will “refrai[n] from providing information about our community members’ immigration status to government agents...

Student Input Valuable in Presidential Search

Kameron Dunbar, Contributing Writer

November 4, 2016

This op-ed is part of the Review’s Student Senate column. In an effort to increase communication and transparency, Student Senators will provide personal perspectives on recent campus and community events. Senate Liaison Thobeka Mnisi and I submitted a letter to Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary of the College Sandhya Subramanian on Monday. In it, we announced our three student nominees to the Presidential Search Committee. The selected candidate will have the privilege of representing student interests broadly throughout the process of selecting Oberlin’s next president. Senate looked for several qualities in selecting the top three candidates. For starters, we wanted someone who had experience with and kno...

Gateway Center Installation Completes “Ohio Trilogy”

Gateway Center Installation Completes “Ohio Trilogy”

October 28, 2016

After a busy couple years of change, the Peter B. Lewis Gateway Center will finally be home to artist Maya Lin’s exhibit An Ecological Primer: A landscape in 3 parts. Lin is best known for entering the stage of massive art installations at age 21, when she won the 1981 contest to design the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. Since then, she has designed other memorials, along with many other pieces which have focused on the environment. An Ecological Primer uses landscape as a device to di...

Alumni Influenced Governance Process, Karega Says

Eliza Guinn, Staff Writer

September 30, 2016

Breaking nearly two months of silence, Professor of Composition and Rhetoric Joy Karega returned to campus for a student-organized meeting in Afrikan Heritage House Wednesday night. Karega told those in attendance she was planning to teach this semester before the Oberlin Chapter of Alums for Campus Fairness sent a letter to the Board of Trustees in late July. According to Karega, the faculty-led review held in June recommended neither dismissal nor suspension, and the College only suspended her after receiving the letter. She was originally put on leave last semester following the publication of Facebook posts that many found anti-Semitic. “The review process has stalled because many within and beyond the...

Krislov Bids Farewell After a Decade

Krislov Bids Farewell After a Decade

September 9, 2016

After nearly a decade of service at Oberlin, President Marvin Krislov announced Tuesday morning that he will end his tenure with the college on June 30, 2017. In an email addressed to the Oberlin community, Krislov said it was the right time for him to seek new professional challenges — although what his next steps are remains unclear. “I’m very passionate about higher education, particularly access to higher education, and that’s really a life-long passion of mine,” Krislov said. “B...

Krislov’s Response to ABUSUA Demands Weak

Taylor Slay, Contributing Writer

March 4, 2016

In early 2016, Oberlin President Marvin Krislov decided to respond to a list of demands from ABUSUA, Oberlin’s Black student union, not with action but with words. His Jan. 20 email and From the President’s Desk column both have the same content, which was presented with the inapt title: “Response to Student Demands.” I initially interpreted this title as attributed to student demands in general, but Krislov’s opening description of the “14 pages of demands for institutional action” hints at the particular demands he is talking about. Given that these are not the first demands presented to Oberlin College and Conservatory since Krislov has been president, let alone the first in the school’s history, it ...

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