Alum Demands Respect for Dye

Michael H. Lubas, OC ’69

To the Editors:

I am enraged, and The Oberlin Review should be ashamed! The May 5 edition with its front page lead-in on Marvin Krislov’s legacy is an abomination! While I was never a Nancy Dye cheerleader, the article demonstrates the cloudy presuppositions and misinformed arrogant assumptions posturing as reporting while a love-fest for Krislov is mirrored against a less than compassionate understanding of Dye’s progressive illness, which she chose not to parade in the manner that seems to be Oberlin’s motto these days; essentially, “I am a victim!” She chose to do the best she could with what she had. I and others may not always have agreed with her thinking or manner, but I can only hope to have some of her determination, fortitude, and unencumbered sense of identity for all she held sacred. Don’t try to promote the legacy of one by cutting down the service of someone else — especially when they can no longer defend themselves. She died! Oberlin Review, you owe an apology to her family, friends, and supporters, if not an entire retraction of the damned article. You can do better than that, can’t you?

Michael H. Lubas
OC ’69