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College Newspapers Best Illustrate Campus Life

Editorial Board
May 19, 2017
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Oberlin students are often presented as coddled, spoiled and so obsessed with political correctness that we have lost touch with reality, choosing to embrace a liberal utopia instead of facing the “real world.” If four years working at The Oberlin Review have taught us anything, it is that this port...

Review Fails to Live Up to Promise

Manish A. Mehta, Donald R. Longman '32 Professor of Chemistry
May 5, 2017
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To the Editors: Since 1874, The Oberlin Review has been the sole campus publication to bear the label “Publication of Record of Oberlin College.” Every year, I read with great patience to see if you will live up to the solemn duty that title places on you, and every year I am left sore...

IYS Kentucky Article Misrepresented Organization

Max Coleman, Rachel Manning, Hillary Neff, and Megan O'Brien
November 9, 2012
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Last week’s issue of The Oberlin Review thoroughly misrepresented the IYS Kentucky Fall Break trip and the Immerse Yourself in Service organization as a whole (“IYS KY Trip Challenges, Educates Volunteers,” Nov. 2, 2012). As IYS Kentucky trip leaders and participants, we were shocked and dismayed...

Editorial: Oberlin Journalism Lacks Academic Support

The Editorial Board
October 7, 2011
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The assertion in this week’s Diatribe that the Diatribe itself represents a “tasteless ornament to [this] publication’s already insubstantial content” leaves us feeling somewhat conflicted. While we as editors spend a substantial amount of time, energy and thought on the Review every week, we...

Established 1874.
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