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Pocket Hamlet

Pocket Hamlet

September 21, 2018

Feature Photo: Voter Registration

Review Staff

February 5, 2016

                      Double degree junior Jeremy Poe and College sophomores Mia Antezzo and Eli Hovland, all mem- bers of the Student Voter Coalition, table outside Mudd. The organization, which works to register Oberlin students to vote, tabled on the first floor of Mudd library for voter registration during the Oberlin College Democrats’ showing of the Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton debate held in Azariah’s Café on Thursday. The debate itself was in New Hampshire, which will hold its primary on Tuesday. Ohioans must wait until the primary on March 15 to cast their votes. The SVC includes ABUSUA...

Mudd for Midterms

Mudd for Midterms

October 10, 2014

In Collaboration with NASA, Camera on Mudd Roof Gathers Astological Information, Triangulates Meteor Paths

Elizabeth Dobbins, Staff Writer

October 4, 2013

As part of a collaboration between Nasa and the College, a high-powered camera was installed on the roof of Mudd library this semester. The camera, whose lens is poised to record any nocturnal meteors, is part of a growing network of cameras placed in schools, science centers and planetariums throughout the nation. The cameras have intersecting fields of vision, which, in conjunction with location and time, are used to gather information on astronomical bodies and to triangulate the path of meteors. “The overall effect of this is to help NASA determine more about how much stuff is out there that’s coming in contact with us,” said Dave Lengyel, the Oberlin Observatory and Planetarium coordinator. The information...

Stop and Smell the Roses at New Mudd Exhibits

Abby Hawkins, Arts Editor

March 15, 2013

When a new display in Mudd’s Academic Commons crops up, it tends to attract a temporary buzz of student curiosity before becoming just another obstacle in the buzzing hive of the first-floor social scene. The two collections currently on display, though, are worth pausing for a closer look. The first showcases the personal papers of actor, director and writer Tony Musante, OC ’58, who recently donated his collected documents to the Oberlin College Archives. Musante made his on-screen debut in 1963 and has since starred in over 60 films and TV shows, with just as many theatrical roles to his name. Some of his most notable credits include a lead role in P.S. Your Cat is Dead! on Broadway, which earned him a New ...

Art Exhibition in Mudd Seeks to Create Political Dialogue Among College Students

Kara Brooks, Arts Editor

October 14, 2011

The Oberlin Peace Activists' League erected Ten Years of War this past week in Mudd Library. The eclectic collection of art aimed to draw attention to the United States' militaristic involvement in the Middle East over the past 10 years with a five-day display in one of the most student-populated venues on campus. As this past decade has seen countless deaths from the U.S., Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and even farther abroad, the pieces in Ten Years of War were intended to portray the magnitude of the horrors of U.S. war overseas. “The work produced by each artist portrays an individual, and ultimately a community perception, on modern day issues of peace and conflict,” said OPAL Co-Chair and College junior L...

Oberlin Faculty Members Endorse Open Access

Ian Seeley, News Editor

December 4, 2009

In a unanimous decision, the Oberlin College General Faculty voted on Nov. 18 to allow open access to their peer-reviewed journal articles in Oberlin’s institutional repository. Although the policy only applies to peer-reviewed journal articles published after the policy’s implementation, the resolution encourages faculty members to submit other original works as well. Sebastiaan Faber, chair of the Hispanic Studies department and the library committee, said that an open-access policy that applies to all published works by faculty members is problematic because, unlike peer-reviewed journal articles, “books and some other articles ... have the potential for royalties.” The basis of the institutional...

Musings from the World’s Youngest Curmudgeon: When You Talk in the Library, God Kills a Kitten

Alex Posa, Columnist

December 4, 2009

As the end of the semester gets closer and closer, my anxiety goes up and up, as does the amount of time I spend talking to myself and weeping openly. That is my cross to bear, but what should not be is people talking in the library. I no longer live on the horribly depressing quiet floor, and as people practice instruments in Noah, I have to go to the library to study. I need complete silence to study, so I walk up to the third floor, supposedly a haven for quiet studying. Often, it is in fact silent, and most of the people are courteous — this is especially true of the regulars. However, there are some evil, terrible sub-humans who are such self-absorbed narcissists that they talk. Their population seems to increase...

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