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Disabled Student-Athletes Must Have Accessibility Needs Met

Jackie Brant, Opinions Editor

May 3, 2019

 In light of the Academic and Administrative Program Review and financial stress at Oberlin College, there has been a lot of student concern surrounding physical accessibility. We know that there will be absolutely necessary cuts in order to secure the financial longevity of the institution. However, one thing that cannot be sacrificed is accessibility for disabled students.  The resources for disabled students are already slim. Despite the genuine effort, care, and concern that Disability Resources staff provides, the department is drastically under-resourced. Some academic buildings and dormitories are not up to code, and others are entirely inaccessible to those with physical disabilities. Work orders are often ...

The swimming and diving team eagerly awaits the renovation of Carr Pool, as Philips gym construction continues into the 2017 fall semester. The $13 million project is set for completion in August 2018.

Philips Gym Renovation Continues Throughout School Year

September 1, 2017

As Philips gym renovations continue, members of the Athletics Department are confident that the project’s disruptions will ultimately be a worthwhile investment for the campus. The $13 million project, according to Delta Lodge Director of Athletics Natalie Winkelfoos, will benefit both sports teams and non-athletes. “[It’s going to be a space] where people can start to build more community,” Winkelfoos said. “There’s going to be a lounge where people can [convene] in really cool ways a...

An aerial view of Philips gym and the surrounding area. The red box roughly delineates the location of the gym's planned expansion.

Trustees to Consider Philips Gym Expansion

September 16, 2016

The Board of Trustees will decide whether to approve the long-planned expansions to Philips gym at meetings taking place Oct. 6–8. The additions include renovating Robert Carr Pool and building a health and wellness center to house a new weight room, cardio facility, yoga room and general class-meeting space. According to Delta Lodge Athletics Director Natalie Winkelfoos, a pool renovation has been needed for several years. Winkelfoos said she thinks an additional building will help serve a...

Review Security Notebook

March 4, 2016

Thursday, Feb. 25
 12:31 a.m. Safety and Security officers were requested to assist an intoxicated student outside of Wilder Hall. After officers spoke to the student, and the student was escorted to Barrows Hall for the night. 1:43 p.m. An officer on patrol observed an ambulance at Dascomb Hall. Officers met with paramedics who were called to assist an ill staff member. The individual was transported to Mercy Allen Hospital by ambulance. 4:40 p.m. Staff reported a vehicle accident in the west Service Building parking lot. The driver of a College vehicle was backing out and turned too short, accidentally hitting a dumpster. There were no injuries. 9:37 p.m. Safety and Security officers were requested to ...

Oberlin Youth Council Tackles Accessibility, Transportation

Adam Gittin, News Editor

March 4, 2016

After 15 years of inactivity, the Oberlin Youth Council, a group working to bring civic-minded students of diverse backgrounds together to consider issues faced by the community, has reformed. These middle school, high school and college students take time out of the school week to meet at the public library and discuss what they can do to make Oberlin a better place to live. Accessibility was a recurring topic at this Wednesday’s meeting. The council’s first two goals are to make Philips gym more open to non-College students and to increase Oberlin’s public transportation resources. “I grew up here, and also my parents work at the College, so I got to see what it was like when somebody didn’t know that...

Women, Trans, Non-Binary Gym Hour Cancelled

Jacqueline McDermott

February 19, 2016

Enthusiasm transformed into confusion for many after the Oberlin Athletics department reneged on its plan to add an hour designated for women, transgender and non-binary students to Philips gym’s regular Sunday schedule. The Oberlin Student Senate sent an email on Wednesday, Feb. 10, announcing the new hour at Philips. The statement said that the gym would be open from 5 to 6 p.m. on Sundays, during which cisgender men would be asked not to enter the space. The extra hour was supposed to be implemented Sunday, Feb. 14, and continue every Sunday for the rest of the semester thereafter, but the Oberlin Athletics department quickly rolled back on the proposal. “At this time, we are not able to offer hours de...

Philips employees Vera Peterson (left) and Joe Bennett

In the Locker Room with Vera Peterson and Joe Bennett

September 25, 2015

This week, the Review sat down with Philips gym employees Vera Pe­terson and Joe Bennett to discuss their favorite parts of the facility, their fa­vorite sport and how Oberlin and its student body have changed over the years. How long have you worked at Philips? Vera Peterson: 35 years. I started in 1980, before you were even born! Joe Bennett: Three years, but I used to work at Stevenson [Dining Hall] for CDS. How has the Philips fitness center changed since you started work­ing there?...

Seniors Karellyn Holston (top) and Sam Karpinski perform an aerial silks act at OCircus!’s show 'King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub,' which took place at Philips gym last Friday and Saturday nights. The show attracted a large crowd of students and Oberlin families.

OCircus!’s ‘King Bidgood’ Delights All Ages

April 18, 2014

Whenever the page in the OCircus! production of King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub yelled, “Help! King Bidgood’s in the bathtub and he won’t get out!” audience members in Philips gym last weekend knew they were in for another great, highly entertaining act. The plot of King Bidgood is simple: a childish king has gotten in the bathtub and refuses to get out, prompting the royal page to call for help. Each and every time, a different group heeds the request and attempts to entertain the king o...

Cooling the Babylon Matrix Meditates on Consumption, Entertainment

Taia Kwinter, Staff Writer

May 3, 2013

A busy weekend of Senior Studio shows closed with College senior Lily Gottschalk’s Cooling the Babylon Matrix, a remarkable feat of installation, performance, sculpture and multimedia art. Utilizing many of the facilities in Philips Gym, Gottschalk created a labyrinth of spectacle, consumption and interrogation. The event opened at midnight on Saturday, just as Solarity’s Awaken the Wild event closed for the night. Although this planning was unintentional, the eccentric energy of Solarity’s attendees, as well as the number and level of inebriated students, played well into Gottschalk’s purpose and subject matter. At the entrance to the gym two women stood behind a greeting table, which was neatly arranged with...

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