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College Outsources Custodial and Dining, UAW Charges College with Negotiating in Bad Faith

College Outsources Custodial and Dining, UAW Charges College with Negotiating in Bad Faith

July 24, 2020

After outsourcing 108 dining and custodial positions, the College and the United Auto Workers union will begin effects bargaining to negotiate post-employment terms. Meanwhile, the National Labor Relations Board will investigate the UAW’s July 3 charge alleging that the College negotiated the outsource in bad faith. On June 22, the College decided to outsource dining positions to AVI Fresh and gave the UAW a final proposal for custodial workers. A week later, UAW leadership opted against brin...

Group Expands Fossil Fuel Divestment Proposal

Sydney Allen

December 12, 2015

The Oberlin Fossil Fuel Divestment group is unsatisfied with the Board of Trustees’ noncommittal response to its divestment proposal and is firing back with an updated list of demands. The group is now calling for the Board to ban future investments and withdraw current holdings from 200 companies, up from the 12 companies identified in the previous proposal. “Even if [the Board] isn’t invested now, that doesn’t mean anything for future investments,” said Hayden Arp, double-degree junior and co-author of the divestment proposal. “For all we know, with the statement they made, they could have reinvested the day after they sent the email.” Board of Trustees Chair Clyde McGregor, OC ’74, told the five mem...

International Students Call for More Support

Xiaoqian Zhu

October 30, 2015

A group of international students presented proposals regarding the perceived lack of cultural, academic and career support for international students at the Board of Trustees forum on Thursday, Oct. 8. The draft of suggested improvements is reflective of the unease many international students have felt transitioning to Oberlin, students say. While Oberlin provides some programs for international students, such as designated pre-orientation, some say that the College’s perceived insensitivity to the needs of students from other cultural backgrounds makes the adjustment process difficult. College junior Malika Ghafour from Afghanistan said she experienced an example of this frustration when she visited the Counseli...

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