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Earlier this month, the demolition of the Crawford coal plant’s smokestack sent dust billowing into the Chicago community of
Little Village in the midst of a global pandemic.

COVID-19, Climate Justice Fundamentally Linked

April 22, 2020

When this Editorial Board first met to discuss possible directions for our work in this issue, the possibilities seemed limitless. After all, environmental themes like resource overuse, air and water pollution, and environmental policy and racism all intersect with the Oberlin community in countless ways as climate change continues to impact life around the world, including in Northeast Ohio. Now, as we complete this magazine while sheltered in place, our futures have changed in ways we had not...

Sonia Shah.

Q&A: Sonia Shah, OC ’90, Investigative Journalist

April 22, 2020

Sonia Shah, OC ’90, is an investigative journalist and award-winning author. She has written several notable books, including The Next Great Migration: The Beauty and Terror of Life on the Move, set to release in June 2020. Her writing is focused on the intersections of science, environment, human rights, and international politics. Shah has lectured at top-tier universities and appeared on global platforms such as BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, and NPR. She has also been featured in acclaimed publicatio...

Dave Covell, Lorain County Health Commissioner

Katie Lucey and Zoë Martin del Campo

April 9, 2020

Dave Covell is the Lorain County health commissioner and is at the forefront of monitoring cases of COVID-19 in Lorain County, working to prevent further spread. Previously, he worked as deputy director for the Cuyahoga County Board of Health and earned his Masters in Public Health from The Ohio State University. Due to recent events, Covell has collaborated with specialized teams focusing on topics like epidemiology and public information to ensure that residents are aware of how best to protect themselves and others during this pandemic. He has also worked closely with Oberlin College and the City of Oberlin to take proactive measures to protect and educate the community. He urges residents to continue practicing standa...

Dr. Tim Uyeki delivers his talk, “From Avian Influenza to Ebola & Public Health:
Reflections of a Clinician and Epidemiologist” in King Building on Thursday.

OTC: Tim Uyeki, OC ’81, Chief Medical Officer, CDC Influenza Division

September 27, 2019

Dr. Tim Uyeki, OC ’81, is the chief medical officer in the Influenza Division of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, GA. Since 1998, Uyeki’s primary focus at the CDC has been on the clinical aspects, epidemiology, prevention, and control of influenza in the U.S. and worldwide. Uyeki visited campus on Thursday to discuss the possibility of integrating public health classes in the College curriculum as well as to gi...

Disparities in Ebola Response Reveal Broader Health Care System Flaws

Editorial Board

October 31, 2014

At first glance, the swift diagnosis and isolation of Craig Spencer in New York City last week seemed to demonstrate improvement in the United States’ response to Ebola, the disease which has now killed nearly 5,000 people worldwide. Yet much remains unanswered in wake of Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan’s death and the infection of two health care workers in Dallas earlier this month. The slip-ups that likely contributed to these events suggest that containment of the virus itself, while critical, is only the tip of the iceberg. Nearly everything about Ebola is terrifying — nearly. From the illness’s gruesome effects on the body, to the lack of testing laboratories in Liberia, to the pessimistic projectio...

Ebola Deaths Warrant Awareness, Not Fear

Anah Soble, Contributing Writer

October 3, 2014

When crises occur, public reactions — no matter the ideological leanings — are often completely misguided. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed on Sept. 30 that a patient in isolation in a Dallas hospital contracted the Ebola virus while traveling in Liberia. The agency is keeping tabs on everyone who came into contact with the individual, but it is unlikely that anyone is at risk. Many people, whether driven by ignorance or by lack of anything better to do, have taken their misguided fears about the disease to Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. If anyone has had an opinion on the terrifying Ebola outbreak, you can bet that it has been shared. I have seen social media posts featuring all kinds...

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