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Students at Solarity last semester dancing while opener Kota the Kid performs.

Behind the Scenes: How Bookers Bring Musicians to Campus

February 14, 2020

A few weeks ago at the 2020 Grammy Awards, pop legend, self-love queen, and all-around icon Lizzo opened the show with her back turned to the audience, arms waving as she conducted the full band in front of her while the celebrity audience cheered. Lizzo won three Grammys in this ceremony. Just over a year earlier, Lizzo headlined Oberlin College’s free rave-style concert, Solarity, in the Heisman Club Field House. This isn’t the only case in which Oberlin has booked musicians just...

The senior ’Sco staff, from left to right: Dan Nerenhausen, Julie Schreiber, Olivia Ercilla Antrobus, Maya Blumenberg-Taylor, Emma Broun, and Meg Parker.

’Sco Seniors Reminisce, Appreciate Campus Community Space

February 15, 2019

The Dionysus Disco — or as it is best known, the ’Sco — is one of the most notorious and beloved spaces on Oberlin’s campus. Dionysus was the Greek god of the grape harvest, fertility, theater, wine, ritual chaos, and religious ecstasy. I don’t know about harvesting grapes or fertility, but anyone who has turned out for a Wednesday night Splitchers has participated in a kind of ritual chaos and can attest to the religious ecstasy of this hallowed ground.  It follows, then, that the energy behind the ...

Students Take in Election Results at 'Sco Watch Party

Students Take in Election Results at ‘Sco Watch Party

November 9, 2018

College junior Ezra Andres-Tysch views the 2018 midterm elections at a watch party in the ’Sco. The election season brought a red wave to Ohio as the Governorship, Attorney General, and nearly every high-ranking state position went Republican, with the exception of Democrat Sherrod Brown for the U.S. Senate. In Ohio House District 4, Oberlin’s district, Democrat Janet Garrett lost for the third time to incumbent Republican Jim Jordan. Ohio also rejected Issue 1, which would have reduced drug ...

Oberlin’s Live Talk Show “Good Talk” Leaves Audience in Stitches

Kate Fishman, Staff Writer

February 23, 2018

“Good Talk,” Oberlin’s live talk show, made a triumphant return to the ’Sco Monday night to begin its third season, to the delight of comedy fans on campus. At the start of Monday’s show, co-hosts Victoria Liebetrau, College sophomore, and College senior Owen Harrington proclaimed to a packed house, “‘Good Talk’ is back, and we’re a normal talk show now.” Being a “normal talk show” constituted a series of skits involving a set of two bodyguards named Butchy and Muscles, a car salesman gone rogue, and the promotion of a new product — SC4RK or “Shitty Clothes 4 Rich Kids,” a device bearing a remarkable likeness to a fork with which you can quickly shred your designer clothes. According t...

A “Wasteland” themed Solarity in November 2017. A new campus group, the Oberlin Bystander Initiative, will be sending trained bystanders to parties and campus events where there could be alcohol or other substances to ensure students’ safety.

Oberlin Bystander Intervention Finds New Home

February 16, 2018

The Oberlin Bystander Intervention Program, which aims to train students to be active bystanders at large events as well as educate about substance abuse safety measures, becomes fully operational this semester. Founded in 2016 by College junior Kirsten Mojziszek and senior Deborah Johnson, OBI originally addressed bystander intervention in the cases of sexual misconduct. Mojziszek and Johnson, then Student Senators, formed OBI based on the Senate’s sexual misconduct working group. “I think Kirs...

A student prepares for a performance at the ’Sco, which will undergo changes as staff members work to draw more students to the space.

‘Sco to Open Earlier, Offer More Diverse Events

November 17, 2017

The ’Sco, Oberlin College’s campus bar and music venue in the basement of Wilder Hall, will open earlier and offer a wider range of events based on student feedback. Staff members of the club hope the changes will make it more accessible, with a larger role in student life. The ’Sco will open earlier on days when no touring act or other programming is scheduled. It was open from 8 p.m.–11 p.m. instead of its usual hours of 10 p.m.–1 a.m. on Saturday, and Assistant Director of Student...

Abdu Ali played the first ’Sco show of the semester on last Saturday, energizing the crowd with original style and call-and-response performance.

Abdu Ali Delivers Genre-Bending ’Sco Performance

September 1, 2017

Newly arrived students were in for a treat when the ’Sco opened with an exceptionally strong orientation show Satuday night. Baltimore emcee, poet, rapper, and activist Abdu Ali and his crew brought a mix of highly energetic Afro Rave songs that left the audience physically shaken by the performance’s sheer volume. For the first-years who formed their first impressions of the ’Sco that night, the standard for future performances will be set unusually high, while for returning students, thi...

Conservatory senior Sarah Snider DJs as part of Lambda for Lambda, a fundraiser held at the
’Sco for Lambda Legal, a legal advocacy organization for LGBTQ people. The event was part
of Queerfest, an annual series organized by the Multicultural Resource Center that celebrates
Oberlin’s queer community.

Jay-Marie and Friends are ‘Here, Queer & Staying’

April 21, 2017

Jay-Marie and Friends, who performed Sunday night at the Cat in the Cream, delivered a show that celebrated Black and queer identities. Musicians Jay-Marie Hill, Britt Baker, Suyá Nascimento and surprise guest Wriply Bennett showcased powerful protest anthems with unambiguous, unapologetic lyrics like “Here, Queer & Staying” and “Keep it marchin, marchin, placin, Raging, gracing / As we stagin liberation.” The performance represents part of a long tradition of Black art and activism ...

Princess Nokia Upsets Students with Second Missed Booking

Samantha Spaccasi, Staff writer

April 21, 2017

Princess Nokia’s performance at the ’Sco on April 8 was supposed to be one of the biggest shows of the year. Students planning on attending the New York rapper’s concert, however, were in for an unfortunate surprise: Destiny Frasqueri, known by her stage name Princess Nokia, missed the show due to travel complications that arose the day before her scheduled appearance. “The cancellation was due to flight delays the day before from LaGuardia and Delta [Airlines] having major issues,” Bojan Jovanovic, Frasqueri’s agent, wrote in an email to the Review. “It was difficult to find a new flight but we plan on rescheduling and coming back to Oberlin in the future.” This marks the second time that Frasqueri has...

Kero Kero Bonito Brings Upbeat Pop to ’Sco Performance

Samantha Spaccasi, Staff writer

April 14, 2017

“I’m having a party / Everyone can come / By the way, you’re invited / You seem pretty fun,” Sarah Midori Perry, frontwoman of Kero Kero Bonito, sings in “My Party,” a track from the group’s first mixtape, Intro Bonito. “My Party” and other songs from the Intro Bonito mixtape, released in August 2014 via Double Denim Records, established Kero Kero Bonito’s reputation for lightheartedness and inclusive fun, which the band will bring to the ’Sco tomorrow night. The London trio, which also features producers Gus Lobban and Jamie Bulled, started when Bulled and Lobban posted an ad looking for a singer on MixB, an online message board for Japanese expats. Perry was one of the first respondents. “J...

Students Get Hyped for Princess Nokia ’Sco Show

Samantha Spaccasi, Staff writer

April 7, 2017

“My name is Ms. Destiny / I go hard in everything / I bring out the best in me / And do what is best for me,” Destiny Frasqueri raps in “Excellent,” the eighth track from her 2016 mixtape titled 1992, her first release under the name Princess Nokia. Frasqueri is one of the most refreshing and eclectic artists in modern underground hip-hop and has a devoted fan base in Oberlin, one that has only grown since a scheduled performance at the Cat in the Cream last spring had to be cancelled due to a missed flight. That concert, originally organized by College sophomore Sky Davis, was expected to be packed and would have been a highlight of last year’s concert season, so Davis and Cat in the Cream staff tried to boo...

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