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Senate Progress On Transparency Sets Example For Administration

David Mathisson, Columnist

October 11, 2019

 This semester, Senate has made transparency a priority in order to bring together our community and foster cooperation between students and the administration. Senate is working to release more information to students this year than at any time in the recent past, improving the student body’s access to policies that work for us all. I’m optimistic about Senate’s work this semester, and believe that Senate’s work will set an example on transparency for the administration to follow. With that in mind, the severity of Oberlin’s transparency crisis means it must remain in the public dialogue until transparency and access become cultural norms of our community. In my recent campaign for Senate, I engaged h...

Discussions Regarding Dining Changes Must Include Student Input, Voices

David Mathisson, Contributing Writer

April 5, 2019

The Office of Residential Education sent an email to all rising juniors March 19 notifying students that previously promised meal plan options would no longer be offered. Instead, the office planned to limit them to more expensive meal plans that provide fewer options to students. Concerned about the impact on low- and middle-income students, a small group of passionate student activists planned a boycott in response. Later that day, because of the accessibility concerns, I joined as an organizer. I created a food donation plan to ensure every participant would get enough to eat during the boycott, regardless of income. I’d like to thank Vice President and Dean of Students Meredith Raimondo and the Dean of Students...

Students Must Vote in Upcoming Senate Elections

Cecilia Wallace, Contributing Writer

February 8, 2019

This article is part of the Review’s Student Senate column. In an effort to increase communication and transparency, student senators will provide personal perspectives on recent events on campus and in the community.  Today’s seniors have lived through wild times at Oberlin College. There were high-profile protests and thinkpieces, President Carmen Twillie Ambar was inaugurated, and the College began teaching spin classes. The College will continue to make serious changes as it grapples with the evolving landscape of higher education through the Academic and Administrative Program Review process. In that time, Student Senate has transformed itself as well. Over the past couple of years, student governmen...

In the face of the Issue 3 loss, legislators are currently in the process of gathering information to propose a bill for the legalization of medical marijuana.

Marijuana Legislation Takes New Direction

February 26, 2016

Last week, Legalize Ohio 2016 announced that it was suspending its efforts to collect petition signatures for an amendment to legalize and regulate marijuana use for recreational and medical purposes. Instead, the group is reorganizing to join efforts by the Marijuana Policy Project — the largest organization focusing on marijuana reform in the U.S. — to get medical marijuana legislation on the ballot in this year’s general election. The push for across-the-board legalization took a hit...

Student Senators, College first-year Anjali Kolachalam (left), College junior Rachel Weinstein and College sopho- more Cory Ventresca watch as double-degree sophomore Jeremy Poe (center) presents the Student Health Work- ing Group’s plans for this semester at the Senate plenary last Sunday. The group is working on several initiatives to
improve mental health services on campus.

Working Group Prioritizes Mental Health

February 27, 2015

Members of Student Senate’s Student Health Working Group are pushing for a variety of initiatives this semester to improve the accessibility, visibility and quality of student mental health services, which many feel are not serving their needs. College junior Avalon McKee, co-chair of the Oberlin Mental Health Alliance and member of the Student Health Working Group, said she hopes these initiatives will address both short-term and long-term concerns. “In a lot of our initiatives, we have...

Ohio Senate Delays Decision on Fracking, Agriculture Bill

Elizabeth Dobbins, News Editor

December 12, 2014

Ohio legislators are making a final push this month to move several bills through the Senate, including laws that could improve support for free clinics and weaken fracking regulation. House Bill 320, which would lower the barriers to volunteering at free clinics, passed almost unanimously through the House in February and was approved by the Senate earlier this month. The bill extends Ohio’s Good Samaritan Law, a law that allows volunteer physicians to treat uninsured patients by protecting these volunteers from medical malpractice. H.B. 320 expands this protection to physicians treating patients on Medicaid; as a result, Medicaid patients can now receive care at free clinics. According to Paul Baumgart...

Open Letter to Student Senate

Matthew Kendrick, College senior, Honor Committee Co-Chair

March 11, 2014

Dear Senators, I, Matthew Kendrick, am solely responsible for the content of this letter. The letter in no way represents, reflects or summarizes the opinions of the Student Honor Committee, any of its other members, the Office of the Dean of Students or its employees, the faculty and administration of Oberlin College or any other individual, institution or entity whatsoever. I hesitate to involve myself with campus politics, but I would like to spread awareness about a situation the Student Honor Committee has found itself in within the past week. Many of you may know that currently we are extremely low on numbers, and after a desperate recruiting effort last semester, we managed to attract seven promising candidates....

Weekly Senate Update

Jesse Kohler, Student Senate Liaison

March 11, 2014

During last week’s plenary, Senate heard the Student Finance Committee budget allocation appeal from Solarity, a chartered student organization that hosts large-scale music and dance productions. After a question-and-answer period, Senate decided to deny the appeal and uphold the SFC’s initial allocation. Information regarding allocations can be found by either contacting SFC or visiting their website. Senate also discussed Honor Committee appointments in the latter portion of plenary. All minutes are available on the Senate website, and audio recordings of all plenary sessions are available on the Fearless and Loathing website.

Student Senate Deploys Working Groups to Tackle Campus Issues

Machmud Machmudov, Student Senator and Liaison

March 11, 2014

Student Senate has begun another semester, starting with an election held during the first few weeks of the semester to fill six open seats. A total of 804 voters participated in the election, marking one of the highest turnout rates in recent elections. Thank you to everybody who voted, ran or campaigned. The Senate’s working groups have excitedly begun the work of tackling issue-specific campus policy. The Transparency Working Group, chaired by College junior Senator Hope Kassen, used its first meeting to discuss the proposed Tobacco Policy and the mechanisms by which students can be heard. Throughout the semester, the Transparency Working Group will focus on keeping the College administration accountable to student...

Student Senate Election on Horizon

Machmud Makhmudov, Contributing Writer

February 7, 2014

I’m excited to announce that Student Senate will be holding our spring election next week! A total of six seats will be open for competition, which represent 40 percent of the total body of 15 senators. Nominations will be accepted until 9 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 8.  If you’d like to nominate yourself or a friend, please send an email stating so to [email protected] and [email protected] We anticipate that the election will begin on Feb. 10. Per recently renewed senate bylaws, the election will run for a minimum of five days. If a quorum of 20 percent of the student body — approximately 580 students — has not been met after the five-day period, the election will be extended until quorum is met. Unfortunately,...

A Cynic in Washington: Reflections on a Senate Internship

Sam White, Contributing Writer

February 7, 2014

Winter Term, as every Obie should know, is a unique and invaluable opportunity that knows very few bounds. Last year, as a freshman, I was fortunate to have the chance to travel outside the Western Hemisphere for the first time in my life and work as a farmhand in rural Thailand. This year, I stayed closer to home but completed an internship that nonetheless immersed me in a thoroughly different culture: the United States Senate. The stark disconnect between American politicians and their constituents is no secret. I began my adventure in Washington facing facts. At the beginning of January, roughly 13 percent of Americans approved of the way Congress was performing, and I was not among them. The reality that I will...

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