Student Senate Deploys Working Groups to Tackle Campus Issues

Machmud Machmudov, Student Senator and Liaison

Student Senate has begun another semester, starting with an election held during the first few weeks of the semester to fill six open seats. A total of 804 voters participated in the election, marking one of the highest turnout rates in recent elections. Thank you to everybody who voted, ran or campaigned.

The Senate’s working groups have excitedly begun the work of tackling issue-specific campus policy. The Transparency Working Group, chaired by College junior Senator Hope Kassen, used its first meeting to discuss the proposed Tobacco Policy and the mechanisms by which students can be heard. Throughout the semester, the Transparency Working Group will focus on keeping the College administration accountable to student concerns, such as issues of divestment, investment and the Sexual Offense Policy. The group also welcomes any and all suggestions for discussion topics.

The student EMT Working Group, chaired by College junior Senator Peter Arden, is working with students and Safety and Security to solidify the logistics of how a student EMT program could materialize as a productive and effective service on campus. The group is also currently searching for a sponsoring department. They’re hopeful that a full-credit EMT course may be available at Oberlin within the next year.

The South Campus Working Group, chaired by Senators College sophomore Kiki Acey and double-degree junior Arianna Gil, is working on performing outreach to various campus communities in order to understand their specific needs. The group is also particularly interested in reforming the Senate election process.

The Public Transit Working Group, chaired by College sophomore Senator Aaron Appel, has created a public transportation guide for both College and community members. The group looks forward to improving both access to and information about sustainable mobility options in Oberlin.

The Student Health Working Group, chaired by College sophomore Senator Ziya Smallens, is working on addressing a variety of health-related concerns. First, the group is pushing for an accessible and substantive information hub that will inform everybody of what services Oberlin Student Health provides and what kind of coverage the College insurance provides.

Second, there is an emphasis on improving access to off-campus resources for all students. Providing smoking cessation products will also be a priority. Any student interested in being involved in a working group should contact the chair of that group in order to attend meetings.

Meetings are open to the public and minutes are posted on the Senate website. We hope that you get involved to help improve Oberlin!