The Oberlin Review

Performance-Based Courses, Capstones Transition Online

Kate Fishman, Associate Editor

May 3, 2020

Transitioning to online learning in March was disruptive across departments, and for many graduating Dance majors the transition to online learning meant drastically changing their visions for final capstone performances. On top of the energy depletion that comes with being away from Oberlin, plans for these performances — which are a key part of students’  farewells to Oberlin — needed to be significantly altered as a result of social isolation and the shift to digital communication. “It is difficult to readjust to a new normal without first taking a moment to acknowledge our original hopes and expectations for this time,” Puma Guerrero, a fourth-year Dance major who has returned home to Pennsylvania,...

Will Wickham prepares materials for tapping trees in Tappan Square. The sap they collect will be boiled into maple syrup.

A New Type of ExCo: Reading Oberlin’s Landscape

March 15, 2019

A new ExCo called Reading the Oberlin Landscape is helping students cultivate a stronger sense of place and connection to Oberlin. Will Wickham, a College senior, is the course’s creator and sole instructor. He is using this ExCo as the base of his Environmental Studies capstone project, and he aims to bridge the gap between the sciences and humanities by providing an in-depth introduction to the field of natural history in Oberlin. The class is interdisciplinary in nature, and has been designe...

Feature Photos: Theater Capstone Projects

Danny Evans, Arts Editor

February 13, 2015

College juniors Caio Ingber and Kyle Roach (above) share an emotional moment, and Minor Cline and Tae Braun, both College juniors, pause for a serious interaction. Both duos explored the surreal space between theater and reality in PLAYTIME. The comical and immersive PLAYTIME, a collaboration between College senior Erin Amlicke and the show’s ensemble, debuted in Warner Gymnasium’s basement last weekend. College senior Julia Melfi’s genre-bending Devour Me premiered alongside PLAYTIME; the two performances were both capstone projects and shared an ensemble. Each emphasized self-referential qualities and a tendency toward cryptic themes. The immersive theater event required audience members to follow actors to various ...

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