Feature Photos: Theater Capstone Projects

Danny Evans, Arts Editor

College juniors Caio Ingber and Kyle Roach (above) share an emotional moment, and Minor Cline and Tae Braun, both College juniors, pause for a serious interaction. Both duos explored the surreal space between theater and reality in PLAYTIME. The comical and immersive PLAYTIME, a collaboration between College senior Erin Amlicke and the show’s ensemble, debuted in Warner Gymnasium’s basement last weekend. College senior Julia Melfi’s genre-bending Devour Me premiered alongside PLAYTIME; the two performances were both capstone projects and shared an ensemble. Each emphasized self-referential qualities and a tendency toward cryptic themes. The immersive theater event required audience members to follow actors to various locations in Warner during the show, which provided a fresh departure from more traditional Oberlin theater events. The event represents a shift to include more unique arts performances that feature interactive elements.