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SB 162 Must Be Passed Urgently

Alice Koeninger, Contributing Writer

December 13, 2019

 Editor’s note: This article contains mention of rape and sexual assault. The Ohio State Senate began hearings on Senate Bill 162, which would eliminate the statute of limitations on rape, attempted rape, and conspiracy to commit rape, on Nov. 13 of this year. Co-sponsored by Senators Nickie Antonio (D-Lakewood) and Sean O’Brien (D-Bazetta), the bill would also close a legal loophole that allows rape within marriage to go unpunished.  This bill is important for a variety of reasons, many of them self-evident. Murder and aggravated murder are currently the only crimes without a statute of limitations in Ohio. Rape is a horrible, violent crime that turns the survivor’s body itself into the crime scene. A...

DeVos’s Title IX Proposal Could Impact Oberlin

Anisa Curry Vietze, News Editor

February 15, 2019

Editor’s Note: This article contains mention of sexual harassment and assault. The public comment period on the U.S. Department of Education’s proposed changes to Title IX regulations has ended. Now, the department, led by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, will respond to comments before ultimately deciding to implement changes. These proposed changes will affect how colleges and universities respond to accusations of sexual harassment and sexual assault on campus. Some fear they will lessen the accountability placed on colleges across the country and boost the rights of defendants, making victims of assault less likely to come forward. Supporters of the changes are hopeful that it will fix a failed system t...

Alumni Claim Censorship on Facebook

Gabby Greene, News Editor

September 21, 2018

Content Warning: This article contains brief mention of sexual assault. Administrators of the “Oberlin Alumni Digital Community” Facebook group removed five alumni from the group last week for “abusive language” following the establishment of new community guidelines ratified Sept. 12. “When the Alumni Association took over the Digital Community group last week, a number of alumni, myself included, began criticizing the move,” Robert Hayes, a former Oberlin student, said in an email to the Review. Hayes is the creator of an alternative to the Facebook group, the “Uncensored Unofficial Oberlin Alumni Discussion Group,” and was one of five members banned the day the new guidelines were established. ...

Oberlin Must Take Next Step in Sexual Misconduct Prevention

Jackie Brant, Opinions Editor

September 7, 2018

Editor’s Note: This article contains discussion of sexual misconduct and sexual assault. As the school year begins, it is imperative that students keep in mind the prevalence of sexual misconduct on campus and do what they can to minimize it in our community. Over 50 percent of sexual assaults on college campuses happen between August and November. Around 11 percent of all college students will be victims of sexual assault during their college careers, and 70 percent of campus survivors know their perpetrator prior to their assault. Further, 23 percent of women in college report that they have experienced some sort of nonconsensual sexual contact. More than 50 percent of these victims do not report the act, as th...

Oberlin Must Always Hold Sexual Assaulters Accountable

Mara Delta

May 11, 2018

Editor’s Note: This piece contains mention of sexual assault. Do you remember the moment you received your Oberlin College acceptance letter? I was on the train back home when I saw the notification appear in my inbox. I had been anxiously refreshing my email every day for the entire week hoping to get this very alert, and it was finally here. I was so giddy that I began jumping up and down in the middle of the crowded Metro car. I knew Oberlin was the perfect choice for me, and I felt ready to begin a new, exciting chapter of my life. That excitement transferred over to the late days of August when move-in day was finally upon me. I could not wait to start classes, meet new people, and explore my newfound indepe...

Reid Exhibits Misunderstanding of Campus Assault

Lior Krancer, Production Editor

April 27, 2018

Editor’s Note: This article contains discussions of violence, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. April is Consent Month at Oberlin. The College puts in effort year-round to provide workshops and other opportunities to create healthy conversations about sexual assault, sexual harassment, and consent. However, this month is special and receives much more attention and tireless work from the Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct staff and the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. The Review’s April 13 issue included a troubling op-ed by Duncan Reid that criticized the “Orwellian underbelly” of Title IX sexual misconduct investigation and trial procedures (“Current Title IX Regulations Deny Accused...

Students from Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct painted a rock in Tappan Square to celebrate Consent Month,which aims to spread awareness of healthy sexual and consent practices.

Consent Month Reframes Sexual Conduct

April 6, 2018

Editor’s Note: This article contains mentions of sexual assualt, violence, and misconduct. Oberlin’s first official Consent Month debuts this April marking a collaborative effort between the Oberlin’s Office of Title IX, the student group Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct, the Sexual Information Center, and the Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. There will be speakers, programs, workshops, and events in the coming weeks to raise awareness around consent and healthy s...

Students premiere a staged reading of College senior Sam Marchiony’s original one-act play, Women of Will, a feminist take on Shakespeare’s plays and female characters.

“Women of Will” Strikes Socio-Political Chord

November 17, 2017

Editor’s note: This article contains mentions of sexual and physical abuse. Women of Will, an original one-act play written and directed by College senior Sam Marchiony, premiered as a staged reading in StudiOC last weekend. The play — produced by an all-female cast and crew and written entirely in iambic pentameter — featured six of William Shakespeare’s female characters: Rosalind from As You Like It (Marchiony), Lavinia from Titus Andronicus (community member Aliza Weidenbaum), Hero fr...

Weinstein Scandal Representative of Deeper Dynamics

Christian Bolles, Editor-in-Chief

November 10, 2017

“They knew.” That’s a mantra oft-repeated by the public in response to the cascade of celebrities who have denounced their colleagues following a cataclysmic domino effect of assault allegations made over the past month. Accusations of harassment, rape, and all-around creepiness leveled at Hollywood director Harvey Weinstein were the first cracks in the industry’s golden façade — which has now shattered beneath the weight of hundreds of similar claims aimed at other titans of that breeding ground of fame and misfortune. In the hugely disturbing wake of this scandal, sharp words have been exchanged, tears have been shed, and giants have fallen — but the question at the tip of everyone’s tongues, right ...

Artist and activist Heather Marlowe came to campus Tuesday to perform her solo play, The Haze, and hold a discussion on the treatment of sexual assault survivors by the criminal justice system.

On the Record: Heather Marlowe, Playwright

May 5, 2017

Editor’s note: This article discusses sexual assault. Playwright, actor and activist Heather Marlowe graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2009 with a degree in art history before moving to San Francisco, where she dedicated much of her time to theater classes. Motivated by her own experiences with the criminal justice system after being raped, Marlowe has worked with the survivor-advocacy organization People for the Enforcement of Rape Laws and produced a solo show, The...

GOP Places Partisanship Over Protection

Editorial Board

March 31, 2017

Editor’s Note: This article discusses rape and sexual assault. Ohio is one of eight states that still includes marital exceptions to its felony rape laws, and it may very well stay that way. The state’s current policy creates a loophole that allows a lesser penalty to be imposed on a spouse who drugs and assaults their partner. In a repugnant display of partisanship, a Democratic bill that would eliminate this exemption has gained no support from the GOP. This is politics at its worst. Democratic Representatives Greta Johnson and Kristen Boggs introduced House Bill 97 last month in an effort to rephrase the current provision’s language, which requires that a person prove “force or threat of force” in ...

Christina Hoff Sommers leans over the podium during her lecture. Protesters hung posters at the event venue, listened to the talk with their mouths covered with tape and hosted an alternate event.

Students Protest Sommers’ Lecture

April 24, 2015

From her podium in Dye Lecture Hall, Christina Hoff Sommers, an author, former philosophy professor and self-proclaimed “freedom feminist,” attempted, amid protesters and dissenting audience members, to persuade Oberlin students that feminism has become too radicalized. She was invited to campus on Monday night by the Oberlin College Republicans and Libertarians and is the most recent speaker in the Ronald Reagan Lectureship series, which is devoted to bringing views that members of OCRL “believe...

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