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September 7, 2018

Slow Train Hosts Romantic Annual Multilingual Poetry Event

Slow Train Hosts Romantic Annual Multilingual Poetry Event

February 17, 2017

Some say that love is a universal language. This idea was explored Monday evening at Love in Many Tongues, a multilingual poetry reading at Slow Train Cafe. The Oberlin Center for Languages and Cultures organizes Love in Many Tongues each year as a way to promote the dozen languages offered at Oberlin — as well as others not offered — while simultaneously celebrating Valentine’s Day. Oberlin students, faculty and community members read poems and sang songs in a wide array of languages — r...

Despite Technical Difficulties, Burnett’s Set Proves Successful

Despite Technical Difficulties, Burnett’s Set Proves Successful

February 13, 2015

Slow Train’s live sound is not equal in quality to its coffee, but College senior Autumn Burnett’s song-writing talent shone through at her Saturday night performance despite technical issues. Minutes before performing, Burnett sat at a table with a couple of friends, calmly sipping a glass of red wine. Unlike other artists who snag a last minute tuneup or run through chords in some inconspicuous pocket of the venue, Burnett appeared nonchalant before taking the stage. With a visibly r...

Concert Preview: The Feeyadellfiya Orchestra

Ross Chait, Staff Writer

February 22, 2013

This weekend at The Slow Train Café, The Feeyadellfiya Orchestra, a group of Conservatory students, will perform two sets of tunes written and inspired by Ornette Coleman, one of jazz music's most renowned living legends. Coleman, a multi-instrumentalist and composer, born in 1930 in Forth Worth, TX, has shaped the identity of American music. Coleman worked as a rhythm and blues saxophonist and bebop artist in the earlier part of his long career, all the while forming his unorthodox style of playing jazz that would later make him a pioneer. As a saxophonist, violinist, trumpeter and composer, Coleman became one of the fathers of free jazz, a musical style that was characterized by his improvisational tendencies...

Fundraiser to Help Oberlin Community Services

Sophia Fast

December 14, 2012

The Oberlin Pottery Co-op is making over 500 mugs for the fourth annual Empty Mugs fundraiser this Monday, Dec. 17. Conservatory students will perform an hour-long brass and organ concert consisting of holiday songs before ending the concert with a sing-a-long. “This event is a really great stress-free environment to put on a concert,” said Caitlin Featherstone, a Conservatory senior who will be performing at the fundraiser. “ It’s just so much fun, especially the sing-along at the end.” Immediately following the music, the Oberlin Pottery Co-op sells handcrafted mugs for $10 each. Local businesses provide a free beverage with each purchased mug. Last year, Agave provided hot chocolate, Slow Train...

Slow Train Team to Open New Coffee Shop

Stephanie Atwood

November 2, 2012

Even though it is a stormy Monday morning, the Slow Train Cafe is bustling. With a lengthy line to order coffee and all but one small corner table occupied, the café is approaching maximum capacity. This increasing demand for space has driven the managers of Slow Train to open a new café underneath Swerve Bike Shop on Main Street. Scheduled to open early next week under the same management, The Local will cater to those seriously interested in coffee as a drink and not just as a social space. “Somebody was going to be smart enough to open up another shop,” said Blake New, co-manager of the Slow Train Cafe. “So we figured, why [shouldn’t it] be us?” According to co-manager Zach Tesler, OC ’06, the...

Story Time with Dan Chaon Delights a Full Audience

Madeline Raynor

September 28, 2012

“We’re glad we had such a big turnout, but we’re not surprised.” These were the opening remarks of Visiting Assistant Professor of Creative Writing Lynn Powell as she welcomed her colleague Dan Chaon to the stage for his reading this past Sunday night. She was no doubt referring to both the popularity of the Creative Writing major at Oberlin and the packed audience at Slow Train, which teemed with students taking a study break and the familiar faces of Creative Writing students and faculty. Even Marvin Krislov attended, watching from a coveted seat at the counter. Dan Chaon, Delaney Associate Professor of Creative Writing and published author, was a finalist for the National Book Award for his short story...

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