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Student Groups Work to Fix Public Transit

Elizabeth Dobbins, Staff Writer

November 2, 2012

January 2010 marked the effective end of the Lorain County Transit system. Its already reduced 12 routes were cut to two. A twice a week Dial-A-Ride service was implemented soon afterward, but the extreme reduction of the LCT caused an estimated 300 people to lose their jobs. Student and community groups are working to supplement and bring back LCT routes, but the issues created by a lack of public transportation remain unresolved almost three years later. There are still transportation options in the area, such as the college-run Airport Oberlin Shuttle, which makes weekday runs to the airport, and the Brecksville Road Transit, which offers service to and from the airport for academic breaks. However, College junior...

Dialogue Explores Line Between Public and Private

Joseph Dilworth, Staff Writer

March 16, 2012

Within a small college community such as Oberlin, the line between what’s personal and what’s public often becomes blurred. Campus organizers hoped to more clearly distinguish the two during a public discussion held Monday in Craig Lecture Hall. The event, titled “Vandalism. Adderall. ObieTalk.,” was planned by the Student Senate in conjunction with the Dean of Students Office, the Judicial and Community Boards and the Student Honor Committee. Organizers hoped that the forum, moderated by the Oberlin College Dialogue Center, would foster open dialogue on these hot-button issues. “The planners of the forum hoped to get people talking about community on campus,” said Ilyssa Meyer, College junior and ...

Letter: Student Senator Resigns

Savitri Sedlacek

May 13, 2011

Dear Senators, As you may already know, I have decided to resign from Student Senate. It has been a pleasure to work with the student government and the Oberlin administration in different capacities over the past two years. In my final year at Oberlin I hope to focus my attention on establishing the Student Communication Hub, and making it a real and vital part of student life on campus. I believe by using my skills and energy in this manner, I will be able to help the campus in a more meaningful way than I have been able to while serving as a Student Senator. While serving on student government has been filled with moments of both frustration and accomplishment, I hope that as Senate moves forward we will continue...

Editorial Board: What the Hell Is Student Senate? (Do We Know?)

The Editorial Board

March 11, 2011

This Sunday, Oberlin’s Student Senate is holding a panel titled “What the Hell Is Senate?” We are curious to hear how the senators will choose to answer that question. The chief problem with Senate, as it has been observed by student senators in the past, is the same problem that plagues many representative governmental bodies: Members are elected on platforms reflective of their pet projects and are, for whatever reason, unable to work with those who hold actual power to create change. And at Oberlin, power lies with the individuals who, rightly or wrongly, are often demonized: the trustees, President Krislov, Ron Watts and other College administrators. For at least a year, Senate’s operations have been...

New Members Address Effectiveness of Senate

Julia Herbst

March 11, 2011

On Sunday, March 13, Student Senate will host a panel called “What does Senate do?” in an attempt to educate the student body about Senate’s purpose, goals and past achievements. This comes in the face of criticism, as many students are currently questioning the very effectiveness of the Senate. All 15 members of Senate and Associate Dean of Community Life Shozo Kawaguchi will sit on the panel and seek to answer questions about what Senate does. “I often hear people say that Senate does nothing,” said new Senator and Conservatory junior Rebecca Hargrove. “I think that’s from the people that don’t really know all of the things [Senate has] to go through. You just find out new policies and they don’t...

Student Senate Sends Updates

Ilyssa Meyer

March 4, 2011

There were good vibes all around last Sunday night in Wilder 215 as we sat down to our first plenary with the new Senators. Senate now consists of eight students who have previously served and seven who are new to the job, creating a perfect blend of experience and fresh ideas. I truly believe last semester was somewhat of a transcendent time in the way Senate is perceived on campus. At our last plenary before the elections, we had more non-Senators than Senators in the room, speaking to the fact that people have begun to utilize Senate as a resource for activism and progress in Oberlin and beyond. As Liaison, I plan to continue on the progressive path that Senate set out on last semester, making the body not only an...

Sabo removed from Student Senate

Sabo removed from Student Senate

February 25, 2011

College senior Pete Sabo was removed from the Student Senate last week, according to former Senate Liaison Marlo Barrera, College junior. Student Senators adhere to a point system that penalizes them for failure to carry out various responsibilities. Failure to attend a General Faculty meeting, for example, warrants five points, according to the Senate’s website. “Senators get points as a way to monitor that [they] are doing their jobs,” Barrera said in an email. “Although flawed in...

Student Senate Sends Updates

Student Senate

December 11, 2009

Student Senate has been at work covering a wide array of issues this week, starting with a resolution to share its office space in Wilder 222 with the nascent Office of Student Communications, which should serve as an advertising and information hub for student groups and events. The compost working group, chaired by College junior and Senator Samantha Bass, is working through a 10-year plan for composting at Oberlin with facilities administrators, while the coal working group gathered 1,248 signatures from students that were presented to the trustees at Thursday’s forum voicing solidarity and urging quick action to get Oberlin off coal. The educational plans and policies committee is revisiting 9-9-9 requirements...

Green Referendum Falls Short of Quorum After Seven Weeks

Fajer Saeed

December 11, 2009

Each year, Oberlin’s Student Senate is required to put together a referendum to gather student opinions and amend the Student Constitution if necessary. Although the Student Senate has tried unsuccessfully to reach quorum for its Green Referendum since mid-October, the student body appears uninterested in voting. According to former Student Finance Committee Co-Chair and College sophomore Reshard el-Shair, this year’s referendum is different from previous referendums in that it is the first to specifically address environmental concerns, such as the green theme and mandatory Sustainability Pledge of the new first-year dorm on North Professor Street, the movement away from disposable take-out containers in Dascomb...

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