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Senate Survey Reveals Student Dissatisfaction

Roman Broszkowski, News Editor

February 16, 2018

After receiving over 1,100 responses to their fall 2017 survey on student satisfaction at Oberlin, Student Senate has found that students are dissatisfied with current campus resources and services, but are invested in seeking improvements. Senate’s survey covered a range of issues on student life, including retention, the Office of Disability Resources, housing, the quality of Senate’s work, campus climate, and the Student Finance Committee. The survey found that close to 49 percent of students had either previously or recently considered leaving Oberlin. A minority of students also voiced significant support for improvements to the ODR, but were split almost evenly about where the office should be located. 40 perc...

Surveys Help Find Ways to Improve Student Life

Surveys Help Find Ways to Improve Student Life

September 15, 2017

With a significant dip in student enrollment and retention this academic year, the administration began emailing students and faculty survey questions in an effort to holistically improve the Oberlin experience. The data from the surveys have indicated that housing, communication, and sexual consent awareness efforts are in need of much improvement and that a focus on student-faculty relationships should be reinforced. Oberlin, like many other schools, frequently uses surveys to make the colleg...

Career Center to Assess Student Needs

Sydney Allen, Production Editor

April 22, 2016

The Career Center’s “needs assessment” — an initiative looking to identify ways for the center to improve its facilities — is the first step in the College’s stated endeavor to improve career services for students and recent graduates. The survey portion of the assessment, which comes on the heels of the Strategic Plan’s commitment to help students and recent alumni achieve “meaningful career objectives,” will soon be administered to current juniors and seniors. “I knew coming in that I wanted to be informed about what was really happening with students and recent alumni and what their biggest needs are — to help empower, enable and prepare them to make a successful transition into the workplace,”...

Who’s New?

Who’s New?

September 11, 2015

Committee Reviews Campus Safety Policies

Oliver Bok, News Editor

May 8, 2015

The presidential working group on Safety and Security recently sent students a survey asking for their experiences with and perceptions of Safety and Security. The working group is currently gathering information and tentatively plans to submit its recommendations for changes to Safety and Security policies before the start of the fall semester. “Our job is not to independently assert our ideas,” said Charles Peterson, associate professor of Africana Studies and a member of the working group. “We’re a filter; we gather information and then we form our recommendations. ... This is a good time for all well-meaning institutions to review campus security policies.” In his column in The Source, President Krislov ...

Dean’s Office Requires Student Participation

Eric Estes, Dean of Students

March 15, 2014

To the Editor: During the week of March 10, the Office of the Dean of Students will survey randomly selected students from all classes to assist us in evaluating the class dean system. It is a very brief survey that should take you only about five minutes to complete. We would like to determine the extent to which the mission and goals of the class dean system are being met. Your participation in this process is invaluable to us, as it will help us to both assess how students interact with their class deans and to better allocate resources based upon unmet need. If you are selected to participate in the survey, we encourage you to complete it. Responses are confidential and will be reported in aggregated form...

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