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Baroque Meets Boost at the Kaleidosonic Music Festival

Connor Daley

November 15, 2019

For Conservatory students, College musicians, and community members interested in music, the Oberlin music scene can seem divided. College and community musicians may feel that their music is viewed as less important than the work done by Conservatory students. On the other hand, Conservatory students may feel that their dedication to either Jazz or Classical music shuts them away from other more contemporary genres.  To bridge this divide, Oberlin’s Kaleidosonic Music Festival, held this Saturday in Finney Chapel, showcases the variety and capability of every student and community member’s musical talents.  The idea of having a Kaleidosonic musical experience was first imagined by Tom Lopez, OC ’89, w...

“Inflatable Trio” Navigates Complex Soundscape

“Inflatable Trio” Navigates Complex Soundscape

February 17, 2017

The Dance department held an in-progress showing of Inflatable Trio, a collaboration between dancer and director Lionel Popkin, OC ’92, and TIMARA Professor Tom Lopez, OC ’89, as well as dancers Samantha Mohr and Carolyn Hall, OC ’91, Monday night in Warner Hall’s dance studio. The ensemble will premiere the finished piece next Thursday in Los Angeles, complete with costumes, lighting and a short introductory film, elements that were notably — though not disruptively — absent from the ...

Faculty, Guests to Perform Collaborative Electroacoustic Pieces

Gillian Pasley

February 17, 2017

The TIMARA basement is uncharted territory for many Oberlin students, even those who frequent the Conservatory. Known for pushing the boundaries of electroacoustic composition and experimental performance, the department is internationally recognized for its impact on the history of electronic music — it was the first conservatory program in the world to focus on electronic composition. The program has a legacy of accomplished and prolific alumni and faculty, and at 8 p.m. tonight in Warner Concert Hall, Oberlin students will get a chance to witness this tradition in a recital featuring TIMARA faculty and guest composers. The recital features faculty members Peter Swendsen, OC ’99, Tom Lopez, OC ’89, and Aurie ...

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