The Oberlin Review

Repairs of Campus Crucial for Enrollment, Retention

El Wilson, Opinions Editor

February 16, 2018

Among Oberlin’s new efforts to increase enrollment and retention rates are some much-needed renovations of Oberlin’s buildings. A key example of this is Wilder Hall lobby. The administration decided to begin these renovations after Student Senate conducted a survey that revealed that Oberlin students want far more accessible and communal spaces on campus. Oberlin is in desperate need of more communal spaces and major building renovations. However, the administration’s priorities are out of order. I am on the management team of SWAP: The Book Co-Op, which is located in the basement of Harkness House. SWAP is an amazing place where students can exchange textbooks without exchanging money. The co-op’s main goal ...

Wilder Hall lobby was renovated over Winter Term. The space had numerous walls knocked down in an effort to give students more community spaces to engage with.

Wilder Hall Renovation Begins, Citing Student Surveys

February 9, 2018

Students returning to campus this week have been greeted with a revamped Wilder Hall lobby, which will undergo further changes as renovations continue. The lobby was enlarged and, according to a letter sent out by President Carmen Ambar and Student Senator and College junior Kameron Dunbar, “This area will be fitted with a new TV, speakers, and other entertainment options that will allow open music and entertainment streaming.” Additionally, a competition will be held to select some new icon...

A student prepares for a performance at the ’Sco, which will undergo changes as staff members work to draw more students to the space.

‘Sco to Open Earlier, Offer More Diverse Events

November 17, 2017

The ’Sco, Oberlin College’s campus bar and music venue in the basement of Wilder Hall, will open earlier and offer a wider range of events based on student feedback. Staff members of the club hope the changes will make it more accessible, with a larger role in student life. The ’Sco will open earlier on days when no touring act or other programming is scheduled. It was open from 8 p.m.–11 p.m. instead of its usual hours of 10 p.m.–1 a.m. on Saturday, and Assistant Director of Student...

The Wonders of Wilder

The Wonders of Wilder

November 18, 2016

Review Security Notebook

April 29, 2016

Thursday, April 21 12 p.m. Facilities staff reported graffiti in the men’s restroom of the Service Building. The drawing was a figure done in marker. A work order was filed for cleanup. 6:44 p.m. A student reported a strong odor of marijuana on the first floor of Barrows Hall. Officers responded and traced the odor to a room. Though nothing was found burning, officers confiscated and disposed of alcohol that was in plain view. 10:11 p.m. Officers and members of the Oberlin Fire Department responded to a fire alarm at Firelands Apartments. Smoke from burned oil caused the alarm, which was reset. Saturday, April 23
 12:23 a.m. Officers responded to a report of loud music and a strong odor of burnt marijuana at Firelands Apartment...

Review Security Notebook

April 8, 2016

Thursday, March 31 12 p.m. A student reported the theft of their locked bicycle from the north side of Asia House. The bicycle is a black, 18-speed K2 Enemy. Friday, April 1
 9:58 p.m. Officers and members of the Oberlin Fire Department responded to a fire alarm on the second floor of Harkness House. Smoke from burning incense activated the alarm, which was then reset. 9:33 a.m. Facilities staff reported damage to the roof of Severance Hall. A roofing company discovered approximately 50 clay tiles damaged, estimating approximately $3,000 in repairs. Saturday, April 2
 11:22 a.m. Residents of Keep Cottage reported a break-in after an unknown person or persons broke a window and tore a screen on the east side of the ...

Students Hold Emergency Convocation, Demand Institutional Support

Madeline Stocker, News Editor

December 14, 2014

After College President Marvin Krislov refused to suspend the standard grading system and call a school-wide meeting addressing recent national instances of police brutality against Black communities, a group of students of color decided they would hold one themselves. Roughly 200 students huddled in Wilder Bowl this Saturday to attend the three-hour “emergency convocation,” which was preceded by weeks of student-led protests, demonstrations and other actions. At the meeting, students called for the administration, which many have accused of remaining inappropriately silent in the past weeks, to take action. “There a number of ways these violences are enacted on us every day, every minute,” said ...

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