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YeoFit Undergoes Schedule Changes

Alexis Dill and Alexa Stevens

December 13, 2019

The now three-semester-old YeoFit program is being assessed by program leadership to determine the best model to both encourage attendance and minimize cost moving forward. The program offers a variety of free fitness classes — including yoga, cardio boxing, spinning, and more — throughout the week at the Shanks Health and Wellness Center. These offerings are prone to change, though. YeoFit classes have led to structural changes evaluated by attendance and advertising initiatives throughout the Athletics department in an attempt to better establish the program on campus. One such advertising initiative occurred throughout the first module: Students who attended a specified number of YeoFit classes wer...

Disabled Student-Athletes Must Have Accessibility Needs Met

Jackie Brant, Opinions Editor

May 3, 2019

 In light of the Academic and Administrative Program Review and financial stress at Oberlin College, there has been a lot of student concern surrounding physical accessibility. We know that there will be absolutely necessary cuts in order to secure the financial longevity of the institution. However, one thing that cannot be sacrificed is accessibility for disabled students.  The resources for disabled students are already slim. Despite the genuine effort, care, and concern that Disability Resources staff provides, the department is drastically under-resourced. Some academic buildings and dormitories are not up to code, and others are entirely inaccessible to those with physical disabilities. Work orders are often ...

T3 athletic trainer Collin Taylor works out with College junior and football quarterback Zach Taylor.

In The Locker Room with Collin Taylor, T3 Performance Athletic Trainer and YeoFit Instructor

February 15, 2019

When former strength and conditioning coach Grant Butler accepted a position with Notre Dame College last spring, College junior and football player Justin Godfrey had an idea. He had trained at T3 Performance in Avon, Ohio, for years and wondered if the facility could bring some of its staff members to Oberlin. Collin Taylor, one of the T3 Performance trainers, has helped transform the strength and conditioning program at Oberlin through his work with student-athletes and lifting course wit...

McLean Sammon

McLean Sammon, College Junior and YeoFit Yoga Instructor

December 7, 2018

College junior and volleyball player McLean Sammon has her hands full: She’s a Neuroscience and Psychology double-major with a minor in Dance, and she teaches yoga twice a week in the new Patricia ’63 & Merrill ’61 Shanks Health and Wellness Center. Her classes take place Thursdays and Sundays from 11–11:45 a.m. A committed student, Sammon maintains a high GPA and is looking to begin a research project connecting mindfulness, academics, and athletics. She currently conducts neurops...

YeoFit Should More Actively Support Trans Fitness

Evan Corey, Contributing Writer

October 5, 2018

I had the good fortune to attend a guided tour of the newly constructed Patricia ’63 & Merrill ’61 Shanks Health and Wellness Center on Aug. 31. Not all of the machines had arrived yet, but the high ceilings and multipurpose rooms showed that the wing was capable of facilitating hundreds of people exercising at the same time. It was a distinct upgrade from what Sara Shoenhoft, Oberlin’s head softball coach and our tour guide, called the “sweaty hallway” in which the cardio machines were formerly housed. During the tour, Shoenhoft confirmed that Oberlin varsity athletic teams would use the old weight room for training, leaving the new spaces available primarily for non-athlete students and other community...

YeoFit Knocks Out Grand Opening

YeoFit Knocks Out Grand Opening

September 14, 2018

College senior Olivia Shin brought a friend to a cardio boxing class taught by Head Softball Coach and Wellness Coordinator Sara Schoenhoft Thursday evening. Shortly after the Pat ’63 and Merrill ’61 Shanks Health and Wellness Center opened in late August, an initiative called YeoFit kicked off. YeoFit offers an assortment of free drop-in classes to students, faculty, and staff. In the first two weeks of the academic year, the center has been bustling with eager students looking to...

The Patricia ’63 & Merrill ’61 Shanks Health and Wellness Center opened Aug. 28 after two years of construction. Inside, students can find a lounge, a fitness center full of new cardio equipment, and several multipurpose rooms that will be used for spinning, yoga, and other YeoFit classes.

New Building Promises Better Access to Wellness in Academic Year

September 7, 2018

Delta Lodge Director of Athletics and Physical Education Natalie Winkelfoos beamed with pride last Tuesday as students and coaches gathered to celebrate the opening of the Pat ’63 & Merrill ’61 Shanks Health and Wellness Center. Perhaps she could hear the turning of wheels and Men’s Basketball Head Coach Isaiah Cavaco’s music blasting through the speakers in the new spinning room, or maybe it was the thought of Associate Director of Leadership Annual Giving Lisa Thuer recitin...

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