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First Permanent Exhibit of African Art Opens at Allen

Lucy Haskell
February 3
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The first permanent exhibit of African art awaits returning students at the Allen Memorial Art Museum in the new year, one of six new installations. Matthew Rarey, assistant professor of the arts of Africa of the black Atlantic, assembled the exhibit with his seminar students last semester. “The Allen has had...

Acoustics Meet Art in the Allen

Jake Frankenfield
December 4
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Wandering among fine art and listening to Oberlin’s classical guitarists, visitors at the Allen Memorial Art Museum enjoyed a space where visual and sonic art converged Thursday evening. The museum was transformed from gallery to concert hall as two of its more expansive spaces — dedicated to mid...

First-Year Leaders Reorganize Art Rental

First-Year Leaders Reorganize Art Rental

Kyle Roach
September 18
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At 5:50 p.m. last Friday, I made my way over to the Allen Memorial Art Museum in hopes of getting my hands on a priceless piece of art. The Art Rental program was set to begin at 8 a.m. the following day, and although I had heard murmurs of crazed art enthusiasts already arriving hours before, I figured...

Established 1874.
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