Local News Bulletin

City to Design Stormwater Plan

In order to abide by the regulations outlined in the Environmental Protection Agency’s federal Clean Water Act, Oberlin will improve infrastructure to prevent and reduce flooding and water pollution. The city is trying to determine how much property owners will have to pay for these improvements. The improvements, which would include upgrades to culverts, ditches and pipes, could cost the city an estimated $938,000 annually for the next five years.

Lorain County Health Clinic Opens

Lorain County Health and Dentistry opened April 5 with the goal of being as accessible as possible. The $3.2 million clinic, which benefits from the Affordable Care Act, claims to treat around 12,000 patients each year. The clinic, located at 260 South Main Street, is open Monday – Thursday and plans to add Friday hours as more staff are hired. Co-pays are charged based on family income.

Auntie Na Returns

Auntie Na visited campus on Monday to discuss her recent work and her mission statement. Auntie Na’s House is a community center on the west side of Detroit that serves the community by providing shelter, water and other necessities through the mass evictions and water shut offs that affect Detroit. Her talk covered issues in Detroit that are often ignored, and the kind of help people outside of Detroit can offer.