Security Report

Friday, Feb. 24

3:18 a.m. Safety and Security officers responded to an alarm, which was missing the detector head, on the second floor of Baldwin Cottage. A student resident admitted to burning a candle earlier, and repairs were made to the alarm.

Saturday, Feb. 25

1:30 p.m. Officers assisted an individual who had fallen by Kulas Recital Hall in the Conservatory Central Unit. e individual reported that they became lightheaded and fell. e individual was not injured and was

transported home by a family member. 2:32 a.m. Officers assisted a student at Goldsmith apartments who had an allergic reaction to food and was transported to

Mercy Allen Hospital for treatment.

Sunday, Feb. 26

1:16 a.m. An officer on patrol in Harkness House detected an odor of cigarette smoke in the basement restroom. Cushions and blankets were also observed in a storage area across from the restroom. No one was observed in the area. Photographs were taken, and the storage room was locked.

2:24 p.m. Officers responded to a report of broken glass in the Conservatory Library. Staff reported that they were attempting to raise a glass shelf and it shattered. Staff sustained minor cuts and first aid was given while staff cleaned up the glass.

Monday, Feb. 27

8:52 a.m. Staff at the Service Building reported soda cans and leftover food missing from a refrigerator in one of the offices. e incident is under investigation.

4:58 p.m. A student reported the theft of their bicycle from Keep Cottage on the southwest side bike rack. e bicycle is a Hu y Diamondback with a 26” frame and bright yellow with a purple front.

11:05 p.m. A Noah Hall resident reported an individual in the second floor lounge tearing up books and throwing them on the floor. Upon the officer’s arrival, the lounge floor was covered with torn pages and the responsible individual had left the area.

Tuesday, Feb. 28

9:39 a.m. Students reported the theft of a PlayStation console, controllers and video games from their Pleasant Street Village House sometime during the night. Members of the Oberlin Police Department also responded.

Wednesday, March 1

4:34 a.m. A Prosser Court resident reported that a tree had fallen from the backyard of a Village House on Pleasant Street, blocking their driveway. Officers and grounds managers responded. ere was no damage to property other than a fence.