Security Report: Sept. 12 – Sept. 17, 2013


Thursday, Sept. 12

9:26 a.m. Officers reported an incident of vandalism at Fred Shults Field. A six-by-four foot piece of sod was pulled up on the northeast corner. Several empty beer cans were also found.

4:28 p.m. An officer reported that the south window of the football field press box had been broken into. A maintenance person cleaned up and made repairs.

Friday, Sept. 13

2:27 a.m. A student requested entry to a room in Asia House for a friend who had been drinking and was locked out. Officers responded; the locked-out student was identified, answered all questions and entry was provided.

Saturday, Sept. 14

12:25 a.m. Officers were requested to escort a student who was ill from alcohol consumption, out of Wilder Hall. The student was transported to Mercy Allen Hospital for treatment.

3:57 p.m. A maintenance staff member reported that while working on a plugged drain at a village housing unit, sewage leaked into the unit below where they were working. Custodial staff responded for clean up.

Sunday, Sept. 15

 12:16 a.m. Officers responded to a complaint of loud music on Elmwood Place where an unauthorized party was located. The music was turned off and attendees were asked to leave.

12:40 a.m. An officer responded to a report of an unauthorized party with a live band at a village house on Woodland Street. The party was shut down and approximately 200 attendees were asked to leave.

 12:50 a.m. Officers were requested to assist an intoxicated student on North Main Street. A student was sitting on the ground and stated he drank too much. The student was able to answer all questions that he was asked and was escorted to his dorm room.

 1:04 a.m. Officers were requested to assist an unconscious student who was ill from alcohol consumption, at Asia House. The student was transported to Mercy Allen Hospital by ambulance.

 3:25 p.m. A student reported vandalism to his bicycle which was left at the cement bike rack on the west side of East Hall. The front wheel was severely bent.

 9:17 p.m. A staff member reported that a prospective student was injured while playing pool at Kahn Hall. The individual accidentally hit himself in the mouth with a pool stick, chipping his tooth. The individual declined medical assistance at the time.

 Monday, Sept. 16

12:50 a.m. Officers responded to a report of a woman screaming in the Woodland Street parking lot area; members of the Oberlin Police also responded. Two individuals who were not associated with the college had been arguing when they were located. The male was taken into custody by an Oberlin police officer for an outstanding warrant.

3:15 p.m. A student reported the theft of his unattended silver MacBook Pro laptop from the third floor of Mudd. The student stated that he left to pick up a printed document on the first floor, and when he returned the laptop was gone. The laptop has a 13 inch screen, with a rainbow Radiohead sticker and a black Burton sticker on it and is valued at approximately $1200.

Tuesday, Sept. 17

10:43 a.m. A grounds staff member reported the American flag missing from Tappan Square. A multicolored flannel shirt was also found covering the light that shines on the flag at night. The Grounds crew is planning on replacing the flag.