Strong Chemistry to Carry Field Hockey this Fall

Ellie Huizenga

With the addition of eight first-years to the 10 returning players, the field hockey team is ready to start their 2013 season. Sophomore Dyaami D’Orazio stated that she is “most looking forward to the increase in wins over last year.” With four wins and 11 losses last year, the field hockey team is excited to improve its record this season through hard work.

The season started for the Yeowomen long before classes began, when the entire team arrived on campus on Aug. 17 to begin preseason training. Throughout that time, the field hockey team worked on improving its fitness level as well as its technical ability on the field. Preseason consists of two practices a day in the scorching sun and humid air.  It wasn’t all brutal work, however.  Sophomore Taylor Swift said her favorite parts of preseason were, “being able to focus solely on playing the sport I love, not having to think about classes and singing and dancing to Beyoncé.”

The team has grown in many ways, especially with the addition of new members. “I think we are headed in a solid direction in terms of our stick skills and preparation to compete against other teams,” said D’Orazio. With many first-years who hail from California to North Carolina, the Yeowomen are a young team. They refuse to let that scare them.

“From the start, the first-years have adjusted and blended in with OCFH, bringing a lot to the team both on and off the field. They’re all very skilled, which has helped push the returners to really step up our game. The level of play at practice is already way past where we started last year, so I’m very hopeful about the season,” said Swift.

The team will certainly be different than last year, but Swift is still optimistic about the season. “We lost a lot of players from last season for various reasons, which has been hard for the returners in terms of the team dynamic and play,” she said. “But at the same time, we’ve gained eight talented freshmen that have upped our competitive level, and even just from spring season everyone has come out stronger and more skilled, setting us up to be a bigger threat in the NCAC this year.”

D’Orazio feels as though the team is “growing in terms of competitive spirit, which is important to win games and also growing in understanding field hockey more through game film analysis.”

“I’m really excited about the team this year. Last year we had a lot of one or two goal losses, and I definitely think we’re stronger this year and can win those games,” says Swift. “But aside from winning, I’m most looking forward to just bonding and spending countless hours with the crazy wonderful OCFH family.”

There is no doubt that the unity of the team will help carry the ladies through their season.

Women’s field hockey is a team to watch this fall. With Head Coach Anna Baeth leading the team, the Yeowomen will not settle for anything less than victory. The next home game is on Saturday, Sept. 21, against DePauw University.