A Crossword of Definitions



1. Hematocyte, abbr. 

2. Distinctive span of years

3. Pastry fat

4. Navajo silverworking artist, Horace

5. Snugly embedded

6. Verb, to seem likely

7. Expression of surprise understanding

8. Concrete reinforcer

9. The number of operands a function takes

10. Dwight’s troubled cousin from The Office

11. Often treated with Adderall

13. Rain Man and Kramer vs. Kramer Oscar winner

17. Plural abbreviation of 19 across 

20. Characteristic of soliloquy deliverance

21. Research laboratory within the National Institute of Standards and Technology that focuses on research and data, abbr. 

22. It means no

24. “Angel dust” hallucinogen

25. It may make a splash but it keeps you going in the right direction

26. Ingredient in homemade soap

29. The largest archipelago in Southeast Asia

30. A suit for a suitor

31. Adaptive training, often after a serious injury, abbr. 

32. Addition to a letter

34. Small child

36. Monarch’s flying fortress in Godzilla

37. American maritime navigation pioneer, Nathaniel

40. Old ones die hard

41. Wears away

42. Six-headed sea monster featured in The Odyssey 

43. Pop artist known for her single “Moment of Truth” 

44. British blackcurrant drink

45. Fabric for burial

47. “Cultural capital” of Morocco

50. Process of learning emotional regulation and building interpersonal skills, abbr. 

53. George Washington’s value

54. Clinical term for high blood pressure, abbr. 

56. Precedes a rewording or clarification

57. Martin Luther King’s father

58. Early multimedia, abbr. 


1. Phew!

6. God and elder brother of Krishna in Hinduism

12. Milwaukee Brewers fielder, nicknamed “the Hebrew hammer” 

13. Greetings from above

14. Judean King known in Christianity for his attempt to kill Jesus

15. Sagan, Weathers, and Azuz

16. Unusual

18. A mistake or blunder

19. A useless coffee

23. A bloodhound’s guiding sense

24. Math expression with variables and coefficients

27. Low, sandy island on the surface of a coral reef

28. High-ranking official in the Naval Air Reserve, abbr. 

29. Denny’s competitor

33. Middle schooler

35. Subdivisions of an IP network

38. Doctor of optometry

39. Explosive drink

40. Archaic command

43. Angry dialogue

46. Slice of circumference

47. Akin to BTW

48. Contracted synonym of lacked

49. A hybrid berry, not yet a man

51. What a car does at a stoplight

52. Standardized test given to Ohio high school students, required for graduation

53. The Buckeye State

55. Disclose

56. Indifferent, first two vowels switched

59. Agency of the federal government that handles retirement, survivor, and disability benefits, abbr. 

60. Whiskers

61. Place of refuge