Backyard Games at Bailey Field


Mallika Pandey

Backyard Games at Bailey Field.

The Athletics Department and the Student Union have teamed up to create Backyard Games at Bailey Field, which debuted last Wednesday. The event boasts lawn bowling, spike ball, racket sports, mini soccer, oversized croquet, and kickball. 

Assistant Director of Operations and Communications Brice Wilson has adapted these games for COVID-19.

“I modified traditional yard games to ensure social distancing and help participants of all skill and experience levels play in either a competitive or recreational environment,” Wilson said. “Getting students physically moving is important, and bridging the north and south campuses is vital so the student body can build relationships outside of their immediate social circles.”

The second Backyard Games at Bailey Field event will continue today at 7:00 pm, and Wilson plans to host more events in collaboration with the Athletics Department throughout the year.

“In the future, look forward to movie nights on the turf,” Wilson said. 

Students can register for Bailey Field programming through the weekly Campus Digest email.