Intramurals Get Competitive

Kate Melanson, Staff Writer

Every year when fall sports seasons wind down, a new group of sports begins. And no, we’re not talking about the winter varsity sports. Intramural sports start up every so often throughout the year, and all types of students join. From non-athletes to varsity athletes from different sports just looking to try something new to try, everyone can get in on the action.

“I chose to play intramural sports because it’s a fun activity to do with my friends, and it is a way to stay active and competitive after my varsity season,” said junior Zach Lipshultz, who is on the varsity soccer team but is playing intramural basketball at the moment. “I also enjoy playing basketball, but am not good enough to play on the varsity team [and] wouldn’t want to put in that time.”

At the moment, intramural basketball and soccer are in full swing. While the varsity team may be out there playing in the big time, men’s varsity teams such as soccer, baseball and lacrosse have all formed their own basketball teams to play during the off-season.

“There are a lot of athletes from other varsity sports that play intramurals because they enjoy it,” said Lipshultz.

Intramural teams are all about the fun aspects of sports. They don’t involve the same long hours of commitment and the yelling from coaches, but just getting out there and doing what you do. For many of the teams, there is no real required practice time, and team bonding comes in the form of hanging out with your friends on the weekends; no forced team setting is involved.

But what would sports be without a little competition? This week marks the playoffs for intramural basketball, after which the season will end. Lipshultz’s team has made it to the semifinals, and he wanted to warn his opponents to watch out for a few key contenders.

“I’d say my favorite players to watch are Ned ‘The Head’ Lindau, David ‘Turf’ Wilson [and] Will ‘Stanimal’ Stamell,” said Lipshultz.

Even though intramural basketball may be coming to an end, there are still plenty more intramurals to participate in, including softball and another soccer season in the spring.