AVI Implements Dining Changes, Students Respond


Abe Frato

AVI Foodsystems recently launched several changes to campus dining, including the implementation of kiosk ordering stations.

AVI Foodsystems has made changes to dining services, such as implementing reusable “eco boxes” for students to take food to-go and kiosks to speed up the food ordering process at certain locations. 

Reusable eco boxes can be initially purchased from Stevenson Dining Hall or Lord Saunders Dining Hall for $5 via credit card, Flex dollars, or ObieDollars. Eco boxes can be dropped off to be washed by AVI after use, and upon the box’s return, students will be given a card that can be exchanged for another eco box. This system provides a reusable to-go option for students, faculty, and staff to eat on their own schedule. AVI Foodsystems Resident Director Joe Jacobs said the eco boxes are intended to “help reduce the amount of single-use containers going into landfills.” 

AVI has also implemented five digital ordering kiosks across different locations. Rathskeller, Biggs GoYeo, and the Dionysus Disco each have one kiosk, while Umami has two kiosks. Students are now able to order food from the ’Sco and pick it up in the Rathskeller. 

Graciela Fernandez, College third-year and ’Sco attendant, spoke about this new system. 

“Students can come in, put their order in, scan their ID, and once they get their receipt, they need to go to [The Rathskeller] and pick it up and are free to eat the food in the ’Sco or anywhere else,” Fernandez said.

Despite the kiosks, some students feel that the length of lines and wait times have not improved. College third-year Eve Samaha pointed out how lines were shorter a few years ago. 

“I was a first-year when there were half the amount of people on campus, so I got used to no lines,”  Samaha said. “Instead of getting dinner at 6 [p.m.], I have to come to Wilder at 5:30 [p.m.].” 

In addition to longer lines, College third-year Alejandro Jorge notes that, in his experience, while the kiosks allow for more customization, they also increase ordering time. 

“AVI has gotten progressively worse each year.,” Jorge said. “The changes they’ve brought have usually not been great.”