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Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

In The Locker Room with Drew Nye, Football’s Star Quarterback, NCAC Athlete of the Week

Photo courtesy of Amanda Phillips
Drew Nye smiles for media day.

Drew Nye is a College second-year from Clinton, CT. He is a prospective Law and Society major with a Business concentration and is the starting quarterback for Oberlin football. Outside of football, Nye is not only heavily focused on his studies, but was also the champion of an intramural basketball league and joined a dance class that culminated in him performing at a recital last year, much to the delight of the football team. 

Nye has a real love for his team, who he says he has a “really special connection with,” and credits them for making his Oberlin experience so enjoyable.

“Ever since I came here, people were just so nice to me,” Nye said. “You want to pick a college that’s a great school where you can make easy friends and be happy with the guys around you. You can be as good as you want, but if you’re not happy with the people that you’re with, I don’t think that there’s much of a chance to stay there. So, you know, what keeps me going every day is the people I’m around, the team, they always have my back.”

Nye faced stiff competition in training camp, battling against five other quarterbacks, including four first-years, for the starting job. Even after he was named the starter, the quarterback room was completely supportive of him while pushing each other to be better. This healthy team dynamic has been reinforced by the introduction of John Pont as the team’s new head coach. 

Nye said that Coach Pont came in and totally changed the team’s culture. He gave Nye another chance at quarterback and let him use his creativity as a weapon, not an impediment. 

“[Coach Pont] always tells me that he gives me the keys to the offense,” Nye said. “He said he gives me the plays, but you know, I am really in command of the offense. I can change anything if I see something, you know, that he might not see on the sidelines [but] I see on the field. I can change it whenever because he said, ‘If you see something, take it.’”

Last year, Nye was struggling to adjust from high school football to the collegiate level and was switched over from a quarterback to a wide receiver because he wasn’t adapting quickly enough to the team’s offensive philosophy. He felt that he wasn’t given the room to grow and develop under last year’s coaching staff, and that the lack of creativity and individual thought hindered his ability as a player. However, Coach Pont’s arrival was exactly what Nye needed to get his mojo back.

“I feel like last year, part of the reason for me not being successful at the quarterback position was I wasn’t really confident,” Nye said. “I couldn’t quite be myself back there. And [Pont], ever since spring ball, he just let me play. So, you know, letting me play was a big thing for me. And his offensive philosophy was a lot simpler to learn. And once I knew the playbook, we just had a special bond from the start, so I’m really happy that he came here.”

Although Oberlin suffered a tough defeat to Denison University last week, the team earned their first win in two years the week prior, thanks to Pont’s arrival and Nye’s heroic efforts. Nye downplayed his role in the win but will always remember the joyful environment after the game. 

“It was definitely … a special moment just seeing everyone smile after the game,” Nye said. “I haven’t seen that in two years since high school. The support that we had from the students was incredible, you know, the stadium was loud. Everyone was rushing the field after the game — it was like we won the championship. In the locker room after the game, everyone was just so happy. It was great to see everyone come together and win the football game because we haven’t done that in so long.”

Winning the game was an incredibly sweet reward for the hard work the team has put in this year. Nye’s individual efforts in the game earned him an additional honor – the North Coast Athletic Conference Athlete of the Week Award for a Football Offensive Player. His four-touchdown performance, along with his 231 passing yards and 150 rushing yards, was the best of the week in the conference. 

Nye remained humble about the recognition and was quick to credit his teammates, saying that it would not have been possible without their exceptional performances as well.

“I was a little surprised,” Nye said about the accolade. “But, obviously, my teammates did a great job helping me, getting me in that position. My [offensive] line did incredibly well all week — in that game, they gave me so much time to make the right reads. My receivers got open for me and did a phenomenal job all game. And, you know, I just had so much time to be comfortable in the pocket and escape every time, anytime I want. … It was a whole team effort. I wouldn’t win Athlete of the Week without my receivers or without the linemen or the defense coming up big at the end to win that game.”

Nye also credited his father with all of the success he has had in his football career. His dad worked his way up from Division III football at Bowdoin College to a tryout with the New York Giants and was Nye’s coach for most of his football journey. Nye said his dad pushed him to come to Oberlin and that he motivates him to be his best self every day. 

For the rest of the year, Nye wants the team to give their all to every game they play, regardless of the opponent. He is excited about all the young talent on the team and the positive attitude the coaching staff continues to reinforce, regardless of how tough a loss can be. Nye is also looking to leave a personal imprint on the history of Oberlin football.

“I want to be a quarterback that’s known for winning games here. My number one goal is to win games and bring Oberlin [football] back on the map.”

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