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In The Locker Room with Devin Wilkins, Football Player, Ordained Minister

In The Locker Room with Devin Wilkins, Football Player, Ordained Minister

April 12, 2019

West Philadelphia native Devin “Dev” Wilkins is a senior Philosophy major at Oberlin College and a defensive back on the varsity football team. However, when he’s home in Philadelphia over the summer, Wilkins works as an ordained minister who legally marries couples at Philadelphia City Hall. After being introduced to the job through his mother’s friend, Wilkins has seen people from all walks of life pass through City Hall with one thing in common: They are in love, and wish to m...

Women Remain Underappreciated in Athletic World

Khalid McCalla

March 8, 2019

ESPN’s annual World Fame 100 List, a definitive compilation of the world’s most famous athletes, determines its order through criteria like social media followers, yearly net-worth, and Google Trend scores. The top of last year’s list consisted of many familiar and expected names — NBA star LeBron James, tennis legend Roger Federer, and soccer greats Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Cristiano Ronaldo are all featured in the top five. Many different sports, races, and nationalities were represented in the list; a solid representation of the make-up of the sports world within the United States and beyond. Numbers are fed into an equation, which assembles the list. However, a problem arises when you take a closer l...

First-Year Football Player Launches ObieEats Business

Jason Hewitt, Staff Writer

March 1, 2019

Between classes and football practice, College first-year Raul Segredo has little time to spare. Recently, his list of commitments grew when he launched his own business, ObieEats, through Oberlin’s LaunchU program — an 11-day entrepreneurship summit over Winter Term that teaches students the ins and outs of entrepreneurship through information sessions and workshops. ObieEats is a food delivery service similar to Uber Eats — you pick a local restaurant, place your order, and ObieEats picks it up and brings it to you. Segredo said he understands how inconvenient it is to go out to buy a meal in Oberlin’s harsh winter weather conditions, and wanted to provide an alternative to students and residents a...

Frisbee and Football: An Unlikely Love Story

Jane Agler, Sports Editor

February 15, 2019

Unlike what its name might suggest, the Oberlin Flying Horsecows Ultimate Frisbee team should be taken seriously. According to USA Ultimate, its A team had a 25–12 record last year, sweeping the Ohio Valley Division III Regionals without a single loss and ending the season with a respectable 2–4 appearance at the Division III College Championships — colloquially known as Frisbee “nationals” — in Rockford, IL. Making it to the championships was noteworthy itself, but now the Flying Horsecows are hungrier than ever and hope to do it again. This time, they hope to finish with a higher position in the final standings. “One of the reasons why we might not have done as well at nationals [last year] i...

Jenkins Rises to Occasion, Leads Yeomen to Victory

Jenkins Rises to Occasion, Leads Yeomen to Victory

November 9, 2018

In the third quarter of Saturday’s football matchup between the Oberlin College Yeomen and the Hiram College Terriers, the crowd gasped as College junior and star quarterback Zach Taylor fell to the ground clutching his leg. Taylor, who had just become Oberlin’s career total yards leader with 7,096 yards a week earlier, broke his fibula and was unable to re-enter the game. In a crunch and desperate to take home the win, the Yeomen put in first-year backup quarterback Tommy Jenkins, who has talent c...

In The Locker Room with Justin Godfrey, Defensive Lineman and Northeast Ohio Native

In The Locker Room with Justin Godfrey, Defensive Lineman and Northeast Ohio Native

October 12, 2018

College junior Justin Godfrey, a Westlake, Ohio native, is a defensive lineman on the football team and studies History and Classics. During his time at Oberlin he has used his familiarity with Northeast Ohio and passion for Cleveland to attract prospective students and help out-of-state students become comfortable on campus. Godfrey worked for the College of Arts and Science’s Admissions team over the summer, is a co-captain of the football team, a member of Athlete Bible Study, and a for...

NCAC Athletes Must Increase Tolerance for Opponents

Jason Hewitt, Staff Writer

October 5, 2018

Oberlin is an institution composed mostly of students whose political views fall on the left side of the spectrum. Because of this, there are many stereotypes associated with the typical “Obie.” As a member of the Oberlin football team, I can personally say that my peers from other institutions have stereotyped me on multiple occasions. Bigotry is definitely a contributing factor to the stereotypes Oberlin student-athletes face. For instance, I have been called the N-word on the field before — and yes, the person was white. We shared a few choice words afterward and he tried to accuse me of being soft for being offended by his disrespectful word choice. At that moment, I felt that I would have been ...

Faith Fuels Zach Taylor On and Off the Field

Faith Fuels Zach Taylor On and Off the Field

September 28, 2018

Every Saturday before the football team takes the field for warm-ups, College junior and quarterback Zach Taylor writes a new Bible verse on the towel he keeps in his back pocket throughout the game. According to Taylor, Christianity has been his driving force since arriving at Oberlin two years ago. It’s what gets him through the bad times and keeps him humble during the good times. “I grew up in a Christian household, but I think I really found my faith once I got here at Oberlin,...

The Brotherhood Needs to Step Up

Khalid McCalla

September 21, 2018

“Rub some dirt on it.” As a young football player, every bump, scrape, and bruise was met with this response or one similar to it. “Shake it off and get back out there,” was the message, and, in a sport like football, this sentiment is sometimes inevitable. You’re going to get hurt. It’s part of the game. You’re expected to take it in stride and continue to help the team. You’re expected to rub some dirt on it. But what happens when the pain you’re feeling can’t be reached by a handful of dirt or pushed aside for the sake of the team? Football finds pride in its masculinity. Every year, teams across the country are filled with only the biggest, strongest, and fastest young men i...

In The Locker Room with Jabari and Malachi Clemons, Teammates and Brothers

In The Locker Room with Jabari and Malachi Clemons, Teammates and Brothers

September 14, 2018

Growing up, brothers Jabari and Malachi Clemons did everything together, from playing video games in the bedroom to running around the track while their dad timed them. Despite their closeness, neither one expected to be on the same college campus, let alone the same college football team. Jabari, a College senior, is the starting wide receiver after missing his entire junior season due to an ACL injury. Malachi, a second-year, was voted Male Newcomer of the Year by his peers at the 2018 Obie...

Underlying Racism Affects Lamar Jackson’s Draft Stock

Jason Hewitt, Staff Writer

April 13, 2018

Louisville Cardinals quarterback Lamar Jackson should easily be one of the top three quarterbacks in this year’s NFL Draft. He won the 2016 Heisman Trophy and arguably had a better season this year. So it’s quite confusing why Jackson has received widespread criticism by NFL scouts and draft analysts and is projected as a late draft in the first round. Jackson is a Black athlete, and the unfortunate root of the criticism he receives is racism. The premier quarterbacks in this year’s draft include Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, Josh Allen, and Josh Rosen. The common denominator between these four men is that they are all white with big arms. However, if you watch Lamar Jackson’s film and Pro Day tape, his arm ...

Eagles Stun the League, Take Down the Patriots

Jason Hewitt, Columnist

February 9, 2018

If you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan, you’d probably agree with me on this statement: It’s about time. All those years of suffering without a Super Bowl ring have finally resulted in triumph. Allow me to give you some perspective. The Philadelphia Eagles have existed since 1933, long before the Super Bowl began. The Eagles’ last championship run occurred in 1960. That’s right — it has been 58 years since they’ve been crowned as champions. There will be no more “ringless” jokes for Eagles fans to hear, now that they have a Lombardi trophy. Feb. 4, 2018 is a day that Eagles fans all over the world will remember for the rest of their lives. How did they do it? How did they overcome all the odds and defeat...

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