FEATURE: “Swerve” Bike Shop Opens Downtown

Angus Chen, Staff Writer

Oberlin is now home to a new bike store called “Swerve.”

Swerve’s entirely glass front wall and minimalist interior give it a modern look and feel that is largely absent from Main Street. At first glance, the polished wood floors and the stretched glass wall are redolent of the newly renovated Feve across the street. The store’s display is attractive, and there is a small shelf stocked with accessories and essentials like water bottles and helmets. The interior, which is still largely bare of merchandise, continues the minimalist style and is well-lit and spacious.

Swerve’s owner, Chris Robinson, has a passion for biking that brought him first to Seattle, where he worked on building fixed-gear bikes (or “fixies”) and single-speed bikes. He eventually came back to his hometown of Oberlin to find work.

Initially, Swerve was going to be an extension of Dale’s Bike Shop in Elyria, but Robinson followed a suggestion to open the shop with Jason Adelman, owner of the Feve, instead. Robinson hopes to help turn Oberlin “back to when it was a town with a huge population of cyclists, with fewer cars and more bikes.”

The prices on the fleet of new bikes that makes up Swerve’s current inventory are quite high, and bike repair packages tend to run between $40 and $100. Swerve’s biggest advantage, however, will be a trade-in and used bike system. Robinson is currently working on the unfinished upstairs, currently layered with dust, spare wood, and paint, but soon to house an inventory of used bikes. Oberlin students are welcome to sell or trade in their old bikes. Swerve also offers standard priced tube replacements and patching for less than 10 dollars.

Any biker looking to add an extra punch to his or her ride can look to Swerve for customizable options.