News Article Requires Correction

Don Illig

To the Editors:

We’re pleased that The Oberlin Review chose to put the article about the Student Senate’s participation in a community conversation dealing with the future for the City of Oberlin by the year 2025, on pages 2 and 3 of the April 15 issue. However, we would like to call your attention to one erroneous statement in the article. The Oberlin 2025 project, in fact, will cost only $21,855. The cost of the project will be kept at the low $21,855 figure for at least two reasons: first, the careful, effective leadership provided by the Public Services Institute of the Lorain County Community College, and second, the fact that Management Assistance for Nonprofit Agencies has agreed to do its work free of charge. The higher range quoted in the article and mentioned in the Oberlin Project 2025 conversation guide is cited because typically that’s the cost of creating a strategic plan for cities the size of Oberlin.

The process of community conversations will continue into May. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to continue to share their thoughts on Oberlin in 2025 at the online site for our strategic plan at Conversations open to the public are also listed on the Oberlin City website,, in the section labeled “News and Upcoming Events.” Those wishing to hold facilitated conversations need only contact Lizette Torres at LCCC’s Public Services Institute at 440-366-7928. The objective is to engage a broad spectrum of the community in the process.

-Don Illig Director, Management Assistance for Nonprofit Agencies (MANA)