Ray Young Brings Strong Experience

John and Diane Adams

To the Editors:

Ray Young would make an excellent State Board of Education member for our district. We have known Young and his family for 17 years. In that time, he has been a teacher, a principal and a college professor. Not only does he hold a master’s degree in education, but his experience is in all fields of the educational spectrum. Young’s two daughters are certified teachers; he has been a good example for his own children, as well as all of the students he has influenced throughout his career. Young and his wife Dolly have four grown children and ten grandchildren ranging between the ages of 1 and 10 years old. Young is a committed father, a husband of 38 years and grandfather who offers a wealth of experience to our district. He is willing to bring his knowledge to the State Board by volunteering his time to represent us and to serve the children of our community. We believe it is crucial to not only be a steadfast family man, but also a seasoned and experienced educator of many years to fill such a position. Please join us in voting for someone with commitment to family, an outstanding 42 years of educational experience and tremendous knowledge and love for our communities and schools. Vote for Ray Young: an accomplished teacher, trusted principal and gifted professor.

–John and Diane Adams

Residents of Huron, Ohio