OCRL Lecture Series Fosters Diverse Opinions

OCRL Presidents

To the Editor:

The Oberlin College Republicans and Libertarians are proud to host Christina Hoff Sommers as part of the Ronald Reagan Political Lectureship Series.

Since its beginnings in 2006, the Reagan Series has brought many distinguished scholars and commentators to our campus. As the Series’ organizers, we have endeavored to bring speakers who articulate the value of political and economic liberty, freedom of speech and thought, respect for individuals, national defense or voluntary association. We have aimed to offer views that we believe are underrepresented at Oberlin. We have also worked to promote the exchange of reasons, rather than recourse to rhetoric, on controversial topics.

We look forward to Christina Hoff Sommers’ appearance Monday, and we hope to see many of you there.


Seth Flatt

College senior, OCRL President, 2014–2015

Taylor Reiners

OC ’14, OCRL President, 2013–2014

Nick Miller

OC ’13, OCRL President, 2011–2013

Mary V. Burke

OC ’10, OCRL President, 2007–2008

Allison (Lint) Boyt

OC ’09, OCRL President, 2006–2007