Yeowomen Hoopsters Look Forward to Season

Ellie Huizenga

The women’s basketball team is chomping at the bit for their season to begin.

“I am most looking forward to seeing things come together and how we respond when we face adversity,” said sophomore Caroline Hamilton. “We’ve been going at each other in practice for about a month of preseason, so we are all really anxious to finally face some other competition as a team.”

Senior Lillian Jahan said she’s ready to move on from the the team’s preseason preparation.

“We’ve been in pre-season for about a month and also had team workouts in the six weeks leading up to our first practice, so I am ready to just get out there and play. I can’t wait for us to step on the court and kill,” she said.

Junior Christina Marquette kept it simple. “Winning, I hope,” she said on what she’s looking forward to this season.

The team has a new mindset this year, Jahan explained.

“The biggest change is that everyone has 100 percent bought into the program. Everyone comes working hard and is ready to go every single day. Our team chemistry is amazing, and the fact that everyone is finally here and focused on basketball is awesome.”

Hamilton also noted that she feels the camaraderie of the team is especially strong this season.

“I feel the team is just a lot closer than we were last year. We all get along and we have so much chemistry. Hopefully we can continue to transfer it onto the court, but it is great to have a team that has so much fun together. Also, there is just a lot more competition for spots. People are competing for positions and minutes and it has been pushing us to all get better.”

Past team members already see that the first-years will bring another element to the team. Hamilton praised the strong on-court work ethics of the three new players and sees big things coming from them this season.

“The three freshmen are so unique… they’re a bunch of jokesters off the court, but on the court you can tell they really want to get better. I really think their personalities and carefree nature have helped bring the team together. They’ve definitely helped the team dynamic,” she said.

“The freshmen bring a lot of fresh new energy to the team. It’s nice to have some new people around to make fun of – I mean, hang out with,” Marquette added.

Though the team has only just begun their season, there has been plenty of time for early team bonding.

“Some of the team went to watch a Division II school play, and it was really fun to get to watch and analyze a higher division school and bond with the team,” said sophomore Lindsey Bernhardt. Since competetive play on the court relies on strong chemistry, the team looks like they’re headed in the right direction.

“Without these girls, I’m not sure where I’d be. I got sick this past weekend and every single one of them checked in on me and made sure I was okay, including the coaches. I rest easy knowing that they have my back,” Hamilton said.

The Yeowomen hope that their strong team chemistry will lead them to victory when they play their first home game on Tuesday, Nov. 26th at 8 p.m. against Heidelberg University.