Local News Bulletin

News briefs from the past week

Career Center Names Interim Director

The Career Center named Gayle Boyer its interim director on Tuesday following former director Richard Berman’s departure. Boyer came in as the Center’s department technician in 2011 before taking on the role of operations manager in 2012. While the search for a permanent director continues, Boyer will manage daily operations and help maintain the Oberlin Business Scholars and Alumni-Student Mentoring programs. She will also act as an advisor for students interested in pursuing careers in law.

Police Chief Announces Structural Changes

Oberlin City Council unanimously approved Police Chief Juan Torres’ plan to restructure certain aspects of the Oberlin Police Department. The changes call for one lieutenant and four sergeants, as opposed to the current system’s two lieutenants and three sergeants. The projected savings for the department modifications are between $2,000 and $8,000, depending on overtime hours. Torres also shared plans to split the city into four sections with one sergeant assigned to each.

City Council Addresses Parking Space Loss

Community members convened at a City Council meeting on Monday to express grievances over the potential loss of parking spaces downtown. The construction of the new Oberlin Inn — officially the Peter B. Lewis Gateway Center — calls for a reduction from 18 to 10 parking spaces, resulting in concern amongst local business owners. The parking spots of contention are between Pleasant and Main Streets.