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First-Year Football Player Launches ObieEats Business

Jason Hewitt, Staff Writer

March 1, 2019

Between classes and football practice, College first-year Raul Segredo has little time to spare. Recently, his list of commitments grew when he launched his own business, ObieEats, through Oberlin’s LaunchU program — an 11-day entrepreneurship summit over Winter Term that teaches students the ins and outs of entrepreneurship through information sessions and workshops. ObieEats is a food delivery service similar to Uber Eats — you pick a local restaurant, place your order, and ObieEats picks it up and brings it to you. Segredo said he understands how inconvenient it is to go out to buy a meal in Oberlin’s harsh winter weather conditions, and wanted to provide an alternative to students and residents a...

For Student-Athletes, Experiences Navigating Concussions Differ

Graham Armknecht

February 22, 2019

For many student-athletes, concussions are a looming and incessant threat to their athletic endeavors, academic standing, and general well-being. Many Oberlin athletes have a concussion story: a particularly rough collision on the football field, a hit by a lacrosse stick during a skirmish, or an unnatural accident between head and soccer ball. But what is it actually like to have a concussion as a student-athlete? It is nearly impossible to go through the daily tasks required by a college student — such as going to class, doing homework, and maintaining a healthy eating and sleeping schedule — while coping with a head injury. However, some students say their professors are generally accommodating. Col...

College junior, football player, and sportswriter Jason Hewitt believes he can offer a unique perspective as a journalist of color. Last spring he had the opportunity to interview Jimmy King, a member of the University of Michigan’s Fab Five.

From the Perspective of a Black Journalist

February 15, 2019

Perspective is one of the most important aspects of journalism. I believe that every single voice matters, because every voice has a story behind it. I want to take this time to thank every single black journalist who has paved the way for me to be in the position I am in today. Without trailblazers in journalism such as Ida B. Wells and Frederick Douglass, who used their perspectives to tell their stories despite the oppression they faced, my voice would be diminished. With that being ...

Alumni Athletes Thrive in Post-Oberlin Pursuits

Julie Schreiber, Senior Staff Writer

February 8, 2019

To some Oberlin students, it can seem like those who dwell on the north side of campus and those on the south side of campus attend completely different colleges. In the past few years, there have been several initiatives to help bridge these communities — notably the “Hate Sports? We Want To Hear About It” open forums facilitated by English Professor Yago Colas in fall 2017. But to many, an athlete roaming anywhere farther south than King Building remains a rare sight. The history of Oberlin Athletics, however, demonstrates a powerful pattern of crossover between typical athletic and non-athletic activities, and countless successful Obie athletes have led dynamic and varied lifestyles that have taken them to...

From the Perspective of Non-binary Athletes

Abby Bellows and Leah Ross

December 7, 2018

Finding Solace Abby Bellows I used to look at my reflection in windows when I ran by, focusing on my stride — how my legs moved past one another, how my feet landed — but I could never bring myself to look up at the rest of my body, knowing I couldn’t look at my chest without sending myself into a mental spiral. It was already hard enough competing on a women’s varsity athletics team, showering in a women’s locker room, and being included in groups referred to as “ladies” and “women” when I was not a woman and was not comfortable with how my body looked. Existing in athletic spaces means choosing between a women’s space or a men’s space — there is no space for me. I am a non-bi...

Reflections of a Former Student-Athlete Rower

Christian Ikeokwu

December 7, 2018

In high school, I competed as a member of the rowing team. Unfortunately, as Oberlin doesn’t have a rowing team, I’ve retired my unisuit and taken up life as a non-athlete. Through that process, I’ve been surprised by which aspects of being an athlete I miss and which I don’t. The most striking thing I miss is the team dynamic. Your teammates see you at your lowest, when you’ve given up and are puking on the floor. But they’re also there to share your greatest triumphs and accomplishments. Going through those moments with others causes you to form a unique bond. There’s also the bond formed just by spending large amounts of time together. Rowing, as a team sport, demonstrates this clearly...

Hooliganism Spoils Soccer Match in Argentina

Julie Schreiber, Senior Staff Writer

November 30, 2018

Following weeks of hype and buildup, the highly-anticipated soccer game that was supposed to take place in Argentina Saturday, Nov. 24, was canceled after hooliganism took the stage. The two teams are the River Plate and Boca Juniors, and together they make up quite possibly the most divisive social force in all of Argentina — although both hail from Buenos Aires, approximately 70 percent of the entire nation supports either River or Boca. The two teams have competed against one another numerous times throughout their 105-year rivalry, but never in a championship match. Saturday was to be their first, as they battled for the trophy of the Copa Libertadores, the most prestigious club competition in South Ame...

Niñas Sin Miedo: Oberlin Athletes Partner with Colombian Organization to Empower Girls

Zoe Guiney

November 16, 2018

Oberlin students have recently partnered with Niñas Sin Miedo (Fearless Girls), an NGO that works to empower girls through education, sports, and psychosocial support in Soacha, Colombia. In providing these programs, Niñas Sin Miedo hopes to prevent adolescent pregnancy and sexual violence, while also working to challenge traditional gender norms. Many of Niñas Sin Miedo’s core values overlap with those of Stronger Together, Oberlin’s student organization that encourages solidarity among women and non-binary athletes. Recently, Stronger Together decided to partner with Niñas Sin Miedo to help them meet fundraising goals, which would allow the organization to grow and provide more resources for the comm...

Marketing the Athletic Experience Increases Donor Relations

Elijah Aladin

November 9, 2018

Over fall break, I was visiting a friend at Stanford University during their homecoming weekend. I saw droves of students and alumni flooding the campus with their Stanford Tree paraphernalia. This showout, however, didn’t compare to the scene I saw during the University of Michigan’s homecoming weekend, where the streets were lined with students and alumni covered head-to-toe in maize and blue. I saw enthusiasm and fellowship shared by so many people. Although my amazement at the sheer number of people present at each event may have simply been a result of the size difference between those schools and Oberlin — after all, each of those campuses do include graduate schools — I began to wonder, how much of an imp...

Members of the women’s basketball team take pride in their geographical, racial, ethnic, sexual, and spiritual diversity, but put their differences aside when they step on the court, uniting behind their desire to win. The team looks to repeat as North Coast Athletic Conference champions this year, with their first game scheduled for Nov. 10.

Changing Narratives in Women’s Basketball

November 2, 2018

When I first stepped on Oberlin’s campus as a first-year last fall, I could feel the buzz of political activity. It was overwhelming yet thrilling to be a part of a group of students poised to change our social landscape. What I soon realized was that there are sections of Oberlin that are dogmatic in their liberal ideology. It is a dogmatism that forces political homogeneity without room for mistake or disagreement. This is fundamentally not what Oberlin stands for. As an institution with a deep ...

NCAC Athletes Must Increase Tolerance for Opponents

Jason Hewitt, Staff Writer

October 5, 2018

Oberlin is an institution composed mostly of students whose political views fall on the left side of the spectrum. Because of this, there are many stereotypes associated with the typical “Obie.” As a member of the Oberlin football team, I can personally say that my peers from other institutions have stereotyped me on multiple occasions. Bigotry is definitely a contributing factor to the stereotypes Oberlin student-athletes face. For instance, I have been called the N-word on the field before — and yes, the person was white. We shared a few choice words afterward and he tried to accuse me of being soft for being offended by his disrespectful word choice. At that moment, I felt that I would have been ...

The Brotherhood Needs to Step Up

Khalid McCalla

September 21, 2018

“Rub some dirt on it.” As a young football player, every bump, scrape, and bruise was met with this response or one similar to it. “Shake it off and get back out there,” was the message, and, in a sport like football, this sentiment is sometimes inevitable. You’re going to get hurt. It’s part of the game. You’re expected to take it in stride and continue to help the team. You’re expected to rub some dirt on it. But what happens when the pain you’re feeling can’t be reached by a handful of dirt or pushed aside for the sake of the team? Football finds pride in its masculinity. Every year, teams across the country are filled with only the biggest, strongest, and fastest young men i...

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