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In the Locker Room: Virginia Covalt, Equipment Room Manager

Madeline O'Meara, Staff Writer

March 16, 2012

How long have you been working for the equipment room? [It will be] 32 years this August. What originally brought you to Oberlin? Well, I used to work downtown in a restaurant. There was an old gentleman that used to come in and eat all the time. I guess he sorta worked in here all by himself; he just had student workers. He said, “Well, do you know anybody who would like to have a job?” And I said, “Well yeah, me.” I started and I’ve been here ever since. It sort of fell into place. Are you from Ohio originally? I’m from West Virginia. I couldn’t find work or anything down there after I got out of high school so I just came up here. I have one brother up here, everyone else [in my family] ...

In the Locker Room: Alex Guo

Samantha Dudzinski, Staff Writer

March 9, 2012

What’s the best part about being on the track and field team? I would say the conference meet, because you get there and you’ve trained with these people the whole season. The amazing things you accomplish, you know that it’s through all the hard work you put in with your teammates every day. It’s a good feeling to say, “We did this together.” When you look at all of our points, you can’t just say it’s from one person — it’s from the entire team. Do you have any goals for the upcoming outdoor track season? I’ve got a few. The guys did not finish as well as we had hoped during the indoor conference meet, so a big goal is to improve on what we did in this indoor season and have a reall...

In the Locker Room: Ariel Lewis

Madeline O'Meara, Sports Editor

March 2, 2012

Lewis, the senior matriarch of Yeowomen tennis, has started her final season emphatically by winning four of her first five contests. She sits down with the Review to share a little of her strategic wisdom, as well as her affinity for sweet chili sauce.   What made you decide to play tennis at Oberlin? I’ve been playing tennis since I was about 4 years old, and I played in high school. I knew that it was something I wanted to continue doing in college. I was being recruited by a bunch of different schools. I got a call from Constantine [Ananiadis, women’s tennis head coach] and he said “You should check out Oberlin, I think you would really like it.” And I was just like, “Yeah, whatever....

In the Locker Room with Sam Towne and Joe Leffler

Madeline O'Meara, Sports Editor

February 24, 2012

How did you decide to play tennis at Oberlin? ST: For me, my high school didn’t have a tennis team, so I had never really played competitively, but I took lessons and always enjoyed playing and enjoyed watching it… and I thought, “So I’m at a D-III school, and maybe I have a chance of making the team” — and I thought it would be a good way to fill up my time. JL: [The time I decided to play] was kind of during orientation. I decided on a whim to meet with the tennis coach. I played in high school, and I met up with the other freshman recruits and hit a bunch and realized it was going to be fun to play. And it was not so good of a team that I would actually get a chance to play. ST: [I also wan...

In the Locker Room with Andrew Fox

Samantha Dudzinski

February 17, 2012

As an Arizona native, what made you decide to come to Oberlin? On my visit I really, really enjoyed the classes, which sounds kind of nerdy, but I definitely did. I also got along with the players. I just felt it was a group of guys I could be close with and I have, so it was definitely a good fit. Actually, my dad is an Oberlin grad, so that’s how I originally knew about Oberlin. I just applied to a bunch of different liberal arts schools, and it just happened to be the one I liked the most when I visited. After this season, the team is losing a lot of seniors. Who do you expect to step up into vacant leadership positions? Well, when we’ve won games it’s when we’ve really played as a team. So, I think t...

In the Locker Room: Emma Sanford

Madeline O'Meara, Sports Editor

February 10, 2012

What is your field hockey experience? I have been involved in field hockey for 25 years as a player; I started when I was 5. I played in England for some quite prestigious clubs … I was on junior teams for the Ipswich Ladies Hockey Club. I also played for the Wimbledon Club, which is the oldest ladies club in England, and the Colchester Hockey Club in my hometown. I played two years at Miami [University of Ohio]. I started my first game freshman year and lettered. Due to some issues within the program I went back to London and my senior year [at Roehampton University of Surrey] in London … we made national finals and lost to St. Andrews. And we think we may have played against Kate Middleton. What has your coaching career been...

In the Locker Room with Josh Merritt and Allison Anderson

Ariel Lewis, Sports Editor

November 11, 2011

Obviously you guys met through basketball, but who liked whom first, and did Josh make a move first? Josh: [Laughs.] Do you want me to tell the real story? Allison: Sure — I mean, might as well. JM: Someone bet her a dollar to come talk to me because they knew she liked me. That’s how it initially started. But I kind of didn’t talk to her. You didn’t like her? JM: I guess I was nervous. I liked her a lot, too. And I was offended that it was only a dollar. But then she made up for it by saying that, “Well, obviously I like you because it was a dollar — if it was more money, then you should be offended.” So we kind of started talking through Facebook chat, which is corny. Do your teammates...

In the Locker Room: Greg Mangan

James Blankenship, Editor-in-Chief

September 23, 2011

You graduated in 2009 as Oberlin’s all-time leader in every significant passing category. When you first stepped onto campus as the Quarterback Coach this summer, did it feel sort of surreal? It definitely was. A lot of the guys I knew were gone at that point. I think the seniors now were first-years when I was a senior, so there’s a little bit of carryover. But beyond that, it was kind of like a new blank slate but at the same place. It was surreal, and since I’ve been back it’s totally different not being a student. You also spent some time as a member of the Kent Predators (now the Seattle Timberwolves) of the Indoor Football League. Which was more enjoyable, playing quarterback in college or in the IFL...

In the Locker Room with Eric Enrico

Alen Cisija

September 16, 2011

How did you first get into football? It was because of my dad. He played cornerback for Butler University and so he got me into it at a very young age. I was always playing and always watching football. We had this 100-pound punching bag and he would make me tackle it for practice. What made you choose Oberlin? I got badly injured my senior year of high school. I got speared on a kickoff return and got compartment syndrome on my left leg. I only played a game and a half [that season], so most of the schools that were recruiting me stopped. Oberlin kept recruiting me and gave me a shot, so I ended up visiting and loving it. Plus, it’s just a great school. You can’t really beat the academics, especially in...

In the Locker Room: Rob Bond

James Kriz, Staff Writer

May 6, 2011

In what ways have you grown from playing four years of Oberlin lacrosse? I have learned how to discipline myself — to put in the time and work to have success.That lesson has extended to all aspects of my life. It’s all about learning the importance of practice in achieving your goals. At Oberlin, you kind of have to discipline yourself a little bit to be successful, so lacrosse helped me to find this discipline and work ethic. In what ways has the lacrosse program changed during your time here? It has changed in many ways. My freshmen year, the general team attitude was certainly not as focused as it needed to be to get the results we wanted. In my time here, the work ethic has increased tenfold. We have cr...

In the Locker Room: Joanna Johnson

Marissa Clardy

April 22, 2011

You just automatically qualified for nationals in the 10k. What was your mindset going into and coming out of the race? The goal of the race was to qualify. I knew that was the plan. The qualifying time was 35 minutes, 48 seconds, so I set my goal pace a little below that. It didn’t go perfectly because I was running alone. I think that it could have gone better if I would have had other people to run with, but I can’t complain about having qualified. Coming out of the race, I was happy to know that I was definitely going, but I feel that I could have done better. You are an extremely dedicated runner. Was running always such a huge part of your life? No. It was a progression. I started running my so...

In the Locker Room: Philip Brua

Alen Cisija

March 18, 2011

What can we expect from OC baseball this season? We expect to be in the playoffs this year. That’s the goal. Anything else would be seen as a failure. Our goal isn’t to go .500. Our goal is to get to the playoffs. We want to be the first team in school history to do that. What made the team successful last year? Our whole team dynamic has changed over the four years I’ve been here. Last year we had the best team chemistry and we just had the older guys step in and produce in crunch time. How is the team dealing with the transition to a new coach? There aren’t any dramatic changes. [Head coach] Adrian [Abrahamowicz] was an assistant before and he recruited my entire class. We all know him well be...

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