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Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Trump’s Campaign Rhetoric As Scary as Potential Victory
Editorial Board November 18, 2022

With former President of the United States Donald Trump’s recent announcement of a 2024 run, the bulk of the attention paid to his campaign will be on the very real possibility of a Trump win in 2024. However, in considering the possibility of a second Trump win, it’s easy to neglect another crucial...

Open Letter to President Ambar Regarding Gibsons’ Suit
Marc S. Krass November 18, 2022

Editors’ Note: This letter is an edited version of the copy initially sent to President Carmen Twillie Ambar on Oct. 12. Dear President Ambar: I am writing about what I see as the “canary in the coal mine,” with the College being the latter. I write as a member of the Class of 1970 who supported...

Budget Cuts to Libraries Limit Crucial Academic Resources
Henry Larson, Columnist • November 18, 2022

For about three months now, I’ve been working in the periodicals department of the Mary Church Terrell Main Library, a job which involves checking in and sending out or shelving periodicals for all four of the libraries on campus. As the semester went on, I slowly began to notice a disturbing trend....

Navigating Course Registration Frustrating, Competitive
Kayla Kim, Contributing Sports Editor • November 18, 2022

During my aimless scrolling sessions on TikTok, I’ve seen humorous videos of students at large schools such as Louisiana State University frantically preparing for course registration with a computer, a whiteboard, and an open notebook to plan out schedules in painstaking detail. They compared this...

Tracking Applications Offer Users False, Unhealthy Sense of Control
Elle Giannandrea, Opinions Editor • November 18, 2022

Last week, the Review ran a story about a new app being deployed by the Counseling Center to check in with and keep track of the mental well-being of students. The structure of this check-in, as reported in the article, is as such: each week, users are asked a question focused on one element of the...

Winter. It Happens. Deal With It.
Emily Vaughan, Opinions Editor • November 18, 2022

Well, here we are again, staring down another cold Ohio winter. As the ground frosts over and the first flurries fill the air, it’s time that we all acknowledge something many have long known to be true: Oberlin winters actually aren’t that bad.  Picture this: You start your day by putting on two...

The Oberlin Orchestra and Choir rehearsed in Finney Chapel Wednesday night.
Oberlin Orchestra and Choir Prepare for U.N. Gala Concert at Carnegie Hall
Kushagra Kar, Editor-in-Chief • November 18, 2022

The Conservatory of Music Orchestra and Choir will be performing at Carnegie Hall in New York City on Friday, Dec. 2. The concert is a closed...

Piano Technicians: The Unseen Artists of the Conservatory
Gracie McFalls, Senior Staff Writer • November 4, 2022

In the early hours of the morning, before the music-making of the day begins, piano technicians are hard at work tuning pianos. There are...

Review: Rhiannon Giddens and Co. Perform at Finney
Walter Thomas-Patterson, Conservatory Editor • October 7, 2022

Italian Opera met American Jazz this past Tuesday with the return of Rhiannon Giddens, OC ’00, as part of Oberlin Conservatory’s Artist Recital...

Orchestra, Choir to Perform at Carnegie Hall this December
Walter Thomas-Patterson, Conservatory Editor • October 7, 2022

The Oberlin Conservatory Orchestra, along with a number of Oberlin choirs, will be heading to New York City’s Carnegie Hall twice in the upcoming...

Update on Conservatory Presidential Initiative Goals
Update on Conservatory Presidential Initiative Goals
Walter Thomas-Patterson, Conservatory Editor • September 30, 2022

Sept. 9 marked the two-year anniversary of the Conservatory’s 2020 action plan, “Towards a More Equitable and Diverse Conservatory Education:...

ASA Invited to Yale African Innovation Symposium
ASA Invited to Yale African Innovation Symposium
Nikki Keating, News Editor • November 18, 2022

The Oberlin African Student Association was recently invited to participate in the Yale Africa Innovation Symposium held Nov. 11–12. This two-day conference aimed to deconstruct traditional views of issues affecting Africa and produce actionable resolutions pertaining to various African industries. This...

Universal Free Lunch Waivers Expire for Oberlin City Schools
Ava Miller, Senior Staff Writer • November 18, 2022

Federal funding has provided waivers allowing schools to give students free lunches regardless of income since the beginning of the pandemic. Congressional funding for the waivers expired in late June, and free school lunches in Ohio will no longer be available to all students. However, Cleveland and...

Kahn Hall now features compost receptacles, which
students can use to compost accepted materials.
Kahn Hall Pilots Campus-Wide Compost Program
Nikki Keating, News Editor • November 18, 2022

Kahn Hall now has compost bins located on the first floor and two additional bins will on all other floors. The program is sponsored by the Office of Environmental Sustainability and the Resource Conservation Team.  “The Kahn Hall composting pilot program is the first residential collection spot...

Central Heating Plant operates and distributes heating to
Sustainable Infrastructure Project to Transition Campus Heating to Geothermal System by 2024, Faces Challenges
Sofia Tomasic, Senior Staff Writer • November 18, 2022

As part of a plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025, the College aims to transition building heating systems from steam to exclusively hot water for a more energy-efficient geothermal system, this change should be in place by 2024.  According to Chief Facilities Officer Kevin Brown, the temperature...

The new locker system will begin operation in January of next year and digitize the mailroom system.
Mailroom Prepares to Implement Electronic Lockers
Yendi Kai Foo November 18, 2022

The mailroom recently placed electronic lockers next to the Rathskeller. The lockers, scheduled to start operating Jan. 2, 2023, are a result of the Sustainable Infrastructure Program, which will implement a geothermal HVAC system in Wilder Hall and use the former mailbox space for its mechanical and...

In Memory of Maura Olivero
In Memory of Maura Olivero
November 11, 2022

March 15, 2001 – November 4, 2022 Conservatory fourth-year Maura Olivero passed away on Friday, Nov. 4. Olivero was a Trumpet major and is remembered by friends, colleagues, and professors as a talented, kind, supportive, and cheerful force in every space they occupied. The community gathered to celebrate...

SFC to Disburse Student Activities Fund at Pre-Pandemic Rate
SFC to Disburse Student Activities Fund at Pre-Pandemic Rate
Ava Miller, Senior Staff Writer • November 11, 2022

As of May 2022, the Student Finance Committee has spent the entirety of the surplus funds it had available in the 2021-22 academic year. SFC was able to grant more funds to student organizations than it would under regular circumstances due to a variety of COVID-19 restrictions that limited the number...

Winter Clothing Presents Opportunities, Challenges for Gender Expression
Cal Ransom, This Week Editor
Latest Episode
This week's show is a special episode about Juneteenth, made up of segments by The Weekly team: Nina Auslander-Padgham, Eric Schank, and Casey Troost. First, Nina and Eric present a segment on the Oberlin Juneteenth festival, how it is different this year, and address potential town and gown tensions as more students participate in the parade. Afterwards, Nina Auslander-Padgham interviews Annessa Wyman, an Administrative Assistant at the College, about her personal involvement in planning Juneteenth festivities for the last decade. Finally, Casey Troost's segment is on the history and meaning of Juneteenth with interviews with African American locals: Ms. Margaret Christian, honoary Juneteenth board member and local historian; featured poet LaTonya Fenderson Warren; Valerie Lawson, chairperson of the Juneteenth executive board; Adenike Sharpley, professor of Dance at Oberlin; and Shelley Shepard. This episode originally aired on WOBC Oberlin, 91.5 FM, Oberlin College and Community radio at 3:00 pm EST on August 2nd, 2021.
Turkey Gives Thanks
Turkey Gives Thanks
Holly Yelton, Illustrator
Holly Yelton, Illustrator
Oberlin Co-ops Take Part in Annual Iron Chef Cook-Off: A Photo Essay
Dlisah Lapidus, Arts & Culture Editor • November 18, 2022

Last Sunday, the Oberlin Student Cooperative Association hosted its annual Iron Chef competition. Named after the television cooking contest, the event invites all of Oberlin’s dining co-ops to compete against one another and invent a meal that must include a particular secret ingredient. This year’s...

Allen Memorial Art Museum community day visitors constructed miniature barricades.
Families Create Art in AMAM Community Day Event
Dlisah Lapidus, Arts & Culture Editor • November 18, 2022

On Saturday, the Allen Memorial Art Museum hosted its semiannual community day event. The program aims to provide an educational and artistic introduction to the museum to families in Oberlin and beyond.  “The community day event, prior to COVID and now that we’re relaunching it, happens twice...

AMAM Discusses Process of Repatriating Benin Bronze Pieces
Leela Miller, Senior Staff Writer • November 18, 2022

With the recent launch of the Digital Benin archive and the repatriation of 31 Benin Bronzes by multiple American museums, the treatment of “Uhunmwun-Ekhue” — the bronze currently housed in the Allen Memorial Art Museum — deserves particular scrutiny. At this point, it remains to be seen where...

Rocky Horror Shows Revived with Love, Laughter, Latex
Eloise Rich November 18, 2022

The Rocky Horror Picture Show has been tradition at Oberlin for nearly as long as audiences have participated in bringing the film to life. The production, which is more of an event than a show, is perfect for Oberlin, a community not afraid to go all the way and participate in song, dance, dress-up,...

(Left to right) Winston Duke, Lupita Nyong’o, Letitia Wright, Angela Bassett, and Danai Gurira pose in character for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Tackles Colonialism, Expands on Complicated Historical Narratives
Nikki Keating, News Editor • November 18, 2022

It has been four years since Black Panther first appeared on the big screen. The week it came out, I remember going multiple times, and each time, I would stay until the last credits rolled. Black Panther gave me a sense of pride that I didn’t know could exist. Even today, I carry it with me, from...

Oberlin Opera Theater Presents Double-Bill Performance
Delaney Fox, Production Editor • November 11, 2022

In a double-bill performance of Jacques Offenbach’s operetta Le mariage aux lanternes (The Wedding by Lantern Light) and Gioachino Rossini’s L’occasione fa il ladro (Opportunity Makes the Thief), the Oberlin Opera Theater department presents a night of deception and hilarity. Vocal performance...

AMAM Collection Houses Benin Bronze Piece, International Museums Begin Repatriation to Nigeria
Leela Miller, Senior Staff Writer • November 11, 2022

Last month, the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, the National Gallery of Art, and the Rhode Island School of Design Museum returned a total of 31 Benin Bronzes in their collections to Nigeria, where the pieces were looted by colonial British forces over a hundred years ago. Earlier this...

Ansel Mills and Gina Thompson read through lines during rehearsal.
Grisling Hall Deals with Grief Through Theater
Juliana Gaspar, Arts & Culture Editor • November 11, 2022

Editor’s Note: This article contains mention of death, grief, and sexual assault. Grisling Hall is an original play written by College fourth-year Jordan Muschler that opens this evening at 8 p.m. in Wilder Main. Grisling Hall follows two siblings, Sophie and Will, as they navigate the death of their...

The Firelands Association for the Visual Arts is housed in the New Union Center for the Arts on South Main Street.
Firelands Association for the Visual Arts Opens New Fiber Arts Studio
Yasu Shinozaki November 11, 2022

The Firelands Association for the Visual Arts fiber arts studio has been open since 2021. Executive Director of FAVA Kathleen Jackson said that the organization has been given multiple looms by the local senior center that closed during the pandemic. The goal of FAVA’s fiber studio is to allow local...

Students Eager to Utilize Makerspaces, Face Barriers to Entry
Leela Miller, Senior Staff Writer • November 4, 2022

A makerspace is an environment dedicated to tinkering, designing, inventing, and collaborating. It’s a place where students can actualize far-out ideas with laser cutters, sewing machines, and 3D printers and nosily watch as peers build musical light bulbs or wearable synths. Many Oberlin students...

Shuming Chen
Assistant Professor Shuming Chen Receives $55,000 in Grant Funds for Chemistry Research
Alexa Stevens, News Editor • November 18, 2022

Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Shuming Chen was recently awarded a $55,000 grant from the American Chemical Society for her project “Probing Complex Post-Transition State Bifurcations in Reactions Between Boroles and Unsaturated Hydrocarbons.” Chen is conducting this research in...

Dr. Jessica Kirzane
Dr. Jessica Kirzane, Translator and Professor of Yiddish at the University of Chicago
Jeramie Robinson November 4, 2022

Last Friday, Dr. Jessica Kirzane, a translator and professor of Yiddish at the University of Chicago and editor-in-chief of In geveb: A Journal of Yiddish Studies, delivered a talk titled “Translating Yiddish Feminism at Oberlin College.” Dr. Kirzane discussed her translations of Miriam Karpilove’s...

Dr. Mary James
Dr. Mary James, Physics Professor at Reed College
Jackie Brick October 28, 2022

This Wednesday, the Oberlin Physics and Astronomy department hosted two talks by Dr. Mary James. Dr. James is the distinguished A.A. Knowlton Professor of Physics at Reed College and Co-Chair of The American Institute of Physics’s TEAM-UP task force — a task force aimed at identifying challenges...

Music Journalist and Bassoonist Stephanie Manning
Music Journalist and Bassoonist Stephanie Manning
Gracie McFalls, Senior Staff Writer • November 18, 2022

Stephanie Manning is a fourth-year Conservatory student pursuing Bassoon Performance with a dual concentration in Arts Management and Journalism. She is a frequent reporter for Cleveland Classical, an online publication that aims to support classical music in northeast Ohio. She plans to continue music...

Solomon Leonard by Conservatory Pond
Solomon Leonard, Jazz and Hip-Hop Violist
Gracie McFalls, Senior Staff Writer • September 23, 2022

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, second-year Viola Performance major Solomon Leonard engages with a variety of musical genres inside and outside of the Conservatory. Leonard studies and performs in both the Classical and Jazz divisions at Oberlin, and participates in one of the Performance and Improvisation...

Courtney-Savali Andrews
Q&A with Courtney-Savali Andrews, Professor of Ethnomusicology
Gracie McFalls, Senior Staff Writer • September 16, 2022

Courtney-Savali Andrews, OC ’06, is the newly appointed assistant professor of African American and African Diasporic Musics in the Conservatory. This semester, her courses include Introduction to African American Music, an interdisciplinary course that blends music history, ethnomusicology, and Africana...

Issa Okamoto sings at her high school graduation.
Issa Okamoto, College First-Year, Social Media Influencer
Celia Perks November 18, 2022

College first-year Issa Okamoto is a social media influencer who has gained 370.1 thousand followers on TikTok and 22.3 thousand followers on Instagram. Okamoto has been involved with music for the majority of her life, specifically in opera and theater, and has hopes of being in the Conservatory for...

Behind the Scenes of OMTA’s Original Production, Portal
Juju Gaspar, Arts & Culture Editor • November 4, 2022

College second years Lila Iyengar Lehman, Charley Schmidt, and Jaka Jacklin separately shared their experiences working in tech for show Portal. the show is co-directed by College second-year Abigail Nordan and College third-year Becca Dulaney, and runs from Nov. 5 and 6. The Portal cast and crew were...

Olive Klug, Singer-Songwriter, TikTok Sensation
Juliana Gaspar, Arts & Culture Editor • October 7, 2022

Olive Klug, a contemporary folk singer-songwriter, performed at the Cat in the Cream last Sunday. Klug played some new, unreleased songs as well as fan favorites. Klug released singles in the spring and summer of 2021 after their TikTok videos singing the songs gained positive attention. Since then,...

Heather Benway dribbles in a game against Denison University
In The Locker Room with Heather Benway, Soccer Forward, Track Jumper
Andrea Nguyen, Sports Editor • November 18, 2022

Second-year women’s soccer player Heather Benway was named North Coast Athletic Conference Offensive Player of the Year on Nov. 10 for her outstanding performance this season. In addition to soccer, she is also on the track and field team. Though undecided, Benway is planning to major in Neuroscience...

Fourth-year cross country runner Niels Vanderloo posing at the NCAC Cross Country Championships
In the Locker room with Niels Vanderloo, Runner and Track Star
Chris Stoneman, Senior Staff Writer • November 11, 2022

Fourth-year Math and Physics major Niels Vanderloo is a runner on the cross country and track and field teams. During this October’s NCAC Championship, he finished sixth, first out of Oberlin runners, to help men’s cross country win its first championship in program history. When he’s not preparing...

Natalie Dufour, volleyball player and aspiring Politics major.
In the Locker Room with Natalie Dufour, Volleyball Player, Political Organizer
Andrea Nguyen and Zoe Kuzbari November 4, 2022

Second-year Natalie Dufour is a middle hitter on the volleyball team, where she has been setting career-high block assists for multiple games. Volleyball isn’t her only passion, however — she is also a Peer Advising Leader, the Vice President for Academic Affairs on Student Senate, a member of Sunrise,...

Football concluded its season in a game against The College of Wooster.
Football Season Concludes with Senior Day Loss to Wooster
James Foster, Staff Writer • November 18, 2022

Oberlin’s 2022 football season concluded Saturday, Nov. 12 in a 56–13 defeat to The College of Wooster. Wooster, seeded fifth in the North Coast Athletic Conference, was one of the top teams Oberlin football faced this season. However, the Yeomen initially rebounded well from resounding defeats in...

Jim Fixx goes on a run.
Oberlin Alum Jim Fixx OC ’57: Forgotten Father Of Running
Kayla Kim, Contributing Sports Editor • November 18, 2022

On Nov. 6, the world watched over 40,000 runners compete in the prestigious New York City Marathon, an event that exemplifies the impact running has had on American culture from the sheer number of participants to the crowd of enthusiastic supporters holding up creative signs of encouragement. What few...

Oberlin Athletes Grow Their Public Image
Zoe Kuzbari, Contributing Sports Editor • November 18, 2022

Student-athletes at schools like the University of Alabama, Clemson University, and Duke University often find themselves idolized by younger sports fanatics thanks to massive brand deals, especially thanks to the new Name, Image, and Likeness regulations passed by the NCAA. Although they often do not...

Sports Editors Decide Everything: Thanksgiving Edition
Sports Editors Decide Everything: Thanksgiving Edition
Andrea Nguyen, Kayla Kim, and Zoe Kuzbari November 18, 2022

The Sports Editors are back again, and we’re here to decide any questions you have related or unrelated to the Thanksgiving season. Whether you’re flying home to see 29 family members whom you haven’t seen in over 10 years or you’re staying on campus preparing to scavenge for food like a hungry...

Avery Ghose, Arman Krakirian, Harrison Fink, Henry Newquist, and Oliver Smith perform as members of the Oberlin Jazz Band
Pep Band Builds Hype at Men’s Basketball Home Game
Andrea Nguyen and Delaney Fox November 18, 2022

The men’s basketball team started its season swingin’, making a notable first impression at its home game last Tuesday against Ohio Northern University with the support of a pep band, consisting of eight musicians from the Conservatory Jazz department who played popular tunes throughout the game. The...

NBA star Kyrie Irving dribbles the ball on the court.
Jewish Athletes Discuss Antisemitism in Sports After Kyrie Irving Suspension
Zoe Kuzbari, Contributing Sports Editor • November 11, 2022

Last week, NBA star Kyrie Irving was suspended indefinitely by the Brooklyn Nets for promoting an antisemitic film on his Twitter account then refusing to condemn antisemitism and declining to apologize. As a result, some have criticized the Nets for taking nearly a week to act. Despite the NBA’s continual...

Milun Micanovic makes a slam dunk in a game against Ohio
Northern University on Tuesday.
Oberlin Basketball Starts Season with Mixed Results
Kayla Kim, Contributing Sports Editor • November 11, 2022

This Tuesday, men’s and women’s basketball started their seasons with the women’s team traveling up to Michigan to play against the Alma College Scots and the men’s team staying at home to compete against the Ohio Northern University Polar Bears. Women’s basketball is coming from one of...

Fall sports have concluded their seasons and are preparing for winter training.
Oberlin Athletics Concludes Fall 2022 Season
James Foster, Staff Writer • November 11, 2022

Oberlin Athletics has nearly reached the end of its fall season, with the football team concluding its season this weekend at home against The College of Wooster and cross country competing in two NCAA tournaments Nov. 12 and 19. The men’s cross country team, led by fourth-year captains Chase Sortor...

Oberlin Equestrian Team Competes in Hunt Seat Show
Andrea Nguyen, Sports Editor • November 11, 2022

Before COVID-19 restrictions severely limited its activities, the Equestrian Team was one of the largest intercollegiate club sports on campus, hosting approximately 30 members. After a two-year hiatus from competing, the team is back up and galloping. Oberlin competes in the Intercollegiate Horse Show...

Oberlin College and Kenyon College athletics have a storied rivalry.
Recounting Oberlin’s Storied Rivalry with Kenyon College
Celia Perks, Staff Writer • November 11, 2022

It is often said that familiarity breeds contempt, and this has certainly been the case for Oberlin and its longtime rival, Kenyon College. Formed from frequent athletic matches and the similarity between the two schools, this rivalry has been embedded in the cultures of both schools; the Yeomen and...

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