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Ashby Business Scholars Network Across the Nation

Ashby Business Scholars Network Across the Nation

February 8, 2019

Students in the Ashby Business Scholars Program visited Cleveland, New York City, and San Francisco over Winter Term to learn more about career building, navigating the job market, and making connections with alumni while touring several companies, including Facebook and Google. The Ashby Business Scholars program, previously known as the Oberlin Business Scholars program, was established in 2003 by Bela Szigethy, and Stewart Kohl, both OC ’77, co-CEOs of the Riverside Company, a national private...

Alumni Named for Next Generation Heisman Board

Alumni Named for Next Generation Heisman Board

December 7, 2018

The John W. Heisman Club’s recently-announced Next Generation Board sets the foundation for a commitment to engaging with and prioritizing the voices of current students and recent grads in athletics. The board, in its creation, consists of recent Oberlin College graduates: 2018 grads Monique Newton, Federico Consuegra, and Jackie McDermott; and 2016 grads Blaise Dolcemaschio and Molly Powers. These five athlete alumni were hand-picked by Associate Vice President for Athletics Advanceme...

Marketing the Athletic Experience Increases Donor Relations

Elijah Aladin

November 9, 2018

Over fall break, I was visiting a friend at Stanford University during their homecoming weekend. I saw droves of students and alumni flooding the campus with their Stanford Tree paraphernalia. This showout, however, didn’t compare to the scene I saw during the University of Michigan’s homecoming weekend, where the streets were lined with students and alumni covered head-to-toe in maize and blue. I saw enthusiasm and fellowship shared by so many people. Although my amazement at the sheer number of people present at each event may have simply been a result of the size difference between those schools and Oberlin — after all, each of those campuses do include graduate schools — I began to wonder, how much of an imp...

Music Executives and Oberlin Alumni Bruce Lampcov and Jumee Park

Music Executives and Oberlin Alumni Bruce Lampcov and Jumee Park

November 2, 2018

Oberlin alumni Bruce Lampcov, OC ’77, and Jumee Park, OC ’99, executives at Downtown Music Publishing, gave a talk on their experiences in breaking into the music industry on Tuesday, Oct. 30 in Bibbins Hall. Lampcov has signed esteemed artists like Taylor Swift and Kanye West, and works as the head of West Coast Development for Downtown Music Publishing. Park is the director of Film/TV Music for Downtown Music Publishing. She works in synchronization rights, which allow the holder of a music co...

Alumni Claim Censorship on Facebook

Gabby Greene, News Editor

September 21, 2018

Content Warning: This article contains brief mention of sexual assault. Administrators of the “Oberlin Alumni Digital Community” Facebook group removed five alumni from the group last week for “abusive language” following the establishment of new community guidelines ratified Sept. 12. “When the Alumni Association took over the Digital Community group last week, a number of alumni, myself included, began criticizing the move,” Robert Hayes, a former Oberlin student, said in an email to the Review. Hayes is the creator of an alternative to the Facebook group, the “Uncensored Unofficial Oberlin Alumni Discussion Group,” and was one of five members banned the day the new guidelines were established. ...

Alumni, Students Try Reversing Staff Cuts With Petition

Alumni, Students Try Reversing Staff Cuts With Petition

September 21, 2018

Alumni and current students are attempting to reverse the College’s decision to eliminate the position of Associate Director of the Student Union most recently held by Tom Reid, OC ’80. In an online petition that has garnered more than 1,000 signatures, supporters are demanding Reid’s reinstatement and criticizing the decision as an unwise cost-cutting measure. “I was totally shocked that Tom Reid was let go,” Johnnie Kallas, OC ’14, said. “This is a tremendous loss for the communi...

Oberlin Alum Explores Family, Food, Humanity in Memoir

Oberlin Alum Explores Family, Food, Humanity in Memoir

September 15, 2017

In his new book Heavy: An American Memoir, Professor of English and African American Studies at the University of Mississippi, Kiese Laymon, OC ’98, discusses his “family’s relationship to food, sexual violence, and weight.” Heavy explores Laymon’s interpretation of the lessons he learned as a child from his mother and grandmother, and the role of language as a powerful protective force for Black folks in white spaces. Last Monday, Oberlin was fortunate enough to host Professor Laymon for a ...

Community Must Come Together in Difficult Times

Charles Newman, OC ’65

September 1, 2017

To the Editors: Here are some ways the Oberlin community of students, faculty, administrators, and alumni might function as a special social resource in these terrible times. Oberlin must always nourish and celebrate the arts. The Allen Memorial Art Museum could exhibit the works of refugee artists, the Conservatory could put on concerts where refugee musicians would perform, and art students could make and sell posters to publicize local job fairs and donate the proceeds to programs that support residents of Lorain County facing hard times. Students and faculty members must always meet the highest academic standards. A topic can be relevant to both scholarly debates and social, political, or economic c...

Alumna Offers Advice for New Graduates

Wendy Uhlmann, OC '83

May 5, 2017

To the Editors: For seniors, graduation is in less than three weeks. Here are some tips from the perspective of an Alumni Leadership Council member, but mostly written from my experiences as an alumna, parent of two Obies and university faculty member. Take time to celebrate your accomplishment of graduating from Oberlin College, an academically rigorous institution. Take time to figure out what you want to do in life, emphasis on “you” — not your parents, not your family, not your friends, you. Take risks. Venture outside your comfort zone. Find your passion and pursue it. Ask for advice. It is free, will often save you time and can be very helpful. Find out why people like their work and where they live an...

Alumni Can Provide Support for Students

William Yon, OC '10

November 4, 2016

To the Editors: Did you know that every current student is an Oberlin alumnus already? It’s true. By merely attending Oberlin for a single semester, you are officially a member of the alumni community (check out Section 2 of the Alumni Association Bylaws). And since you are a member of the alumni community, you have as much of a stake as anyone in Oberlin’s reputation in the world beyond it. The “alumni” label, when used on social media, or in letters to the editors for the Review, describes a broad community of diverse thought, because not all groups with “alum” in their names really represent all of the alumni community. Here’s another thing about the Oberlin alumni community. You have agency in it. Wha...

Student Senate Condemns OCACF Actions

September 20, 2016

The original version of this letter listed Oberlin J Street U as a consultant. Since the letter's publication, members of Oberlin J Street U have requested that the organization's name be removed. For more information, read our full coverage of Student Senate's letter, ACF's symposium and students' responses. In consultation with current and former members of ABUSUA and Students for a Free Palestine, Student Senate drafted a letter condemning the actions of certain alumni over the last year; including the surveillance, intimidation, marginalization and harassment of students. The text of the letter is below. Oberlin students, Since late 2015, a group of Oberlin alumni have driven a narrative of rampant ant...

Off the Cuff: Charles “Chip” Hauss, OC ’69, Peacebuilder, Author

Off the Cuff: Charles “Chip” Hauss, OC ’69, Peacebuilder, Author

May 6, 2016

Charles “Chip” Hauss, OC ’69, is Senior Fellow for Innovation at Alliance for Peacebuilding, a membership organization of about 110 peacebuilding groups. He is also the author of Security 2.0: Dealing with Global Wicked Problems, which addresses the changing nature and increasing multidimensionality of international security concerns. Hauss came to campus Thursday to give a talk, “Ending the ‘Permanent War’: Peacebuilding through Human Security.” Traditionally, security has been discuss...

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