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Valentine's Day Comic

Valentine’s Day Comic

February 15, 2019



September 28, 2018

Emily Pentzer gives the plenary lecture at the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department's Meeting-In-Miniature Wednesday.

Chemistry Students Showcase Research at Meeting-In-Miniature Symposium

March 30, 2018

Oberlin Chemistry students presented their research findings for the annual Meeting-In-Miniature Wednesday. This event, both a presentation symposium and networking opportunity, was sponsored by Oberlin’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and the Cleveland branch of the American Chemical Society. Oberlin, the host of this year’s event, gave seven students the opportunity to feature their work alongside graduate and undergraduate students from local institutions. College juniors Alys...

Review Security Notebook

February 19, 2016

Sunday, Feb. 7 12:56 a.m. Staff reported an unauthorized party taking place at a village house on South Professor Street. Loud music was heard from outside. The party was closed down and approximately 150 party attendees were dispersed. 11:02 a.m. Officers and Oberlin Fire Department responded to a fire alarm at a Union Street apartment. Smoke from cooking was the cause of the alarm. Alarm was reset with no problems. 9:04 p.m. A student reported an activated smoke detector at a village house on Woodland Street. Officers and Oberlin Fire Department responded. The alarm was activated by smoke from cooking. The smoke was cleared and the alarm reset. Tuesday, Feb. 9
 8:37 p.m. Officers and Oberlin Fire...

Jesse Rowsell, an assistant professor of Chemistry, passed away on Jan. 30.

Chemistry Professor Jesse Rowsell Remembered

February 6, 2015

Grieving students, faculty and staff filled bulletin boards in Love Lounge with stories and drawings in memory of Assistant Professor of Chemistry Jesse Rowsell this week. “I am convinced, along with all of my Chem 101 friends, that he was completely brilliant, but he was so much more than that,” read one anonymous note. “Vibrant, funny, inspiring and wise, he treated us as people first, then as students, and never as numbers on a page.” Rowsell passed away at age 37 on Jan. 30, leaving...

NSF Grant Funds Supercomputer for Sciences

Emma Paul

September 19, 2014

Professors from the College’s Biology, Physics and Chemistry departments were the recent recipients of a $486,256 grant by the National Science Foundation to build a supercomputer, or a high-performance computing cluster, which will allow students to process data sets of an unprecedented size. The computer, which is slated to be built by the end of next summer, is replacing an older high-performance computing cluster, which has been used in the science departments for the past nine years. Nearly 350 Chemistry students per year currently use the old HPC cluster, and the computer also has applications in physics, astrophysics, and computational biology. Matt Elrod, Biggs Professor of Natural Science...

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