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Oberlin Must Retain Professors Despite Financial Difficulties

Raavi Asdar, Contributing Writer

December 13, 2019

 I recently realized that all four of my professors this semester will not be on campus next year, and two of them are leaving the institution permanently after this semester. My situation is not unique; many students from various departments have echoed concerns of losing an advisor or faculty mentor.  There is a real and present fear among students that many of the faculty members who are leaving will not be replaced, leaving gaps in our curriculum and threatening certain students’ continuation in their courses of study. And though the One Oberlin plan makes the choice not to cut any departments outright, smaller departments losing faculty due to “attrition” is increasingly resembling an existential threa...

Introductory Arabic Courses Offered On Campus in Fall, Spring

Introductory Arabic Courses Offered On Campus in Fall, Spring

September 6, 2019

Following significant controversy last spring, Oberlin will once again offer introductory Arabic courses on campus this academic year. In April, a group of faculty petitioned the College Faculty Council with a proposal to offer a section each of Arabic 101 and 102. Visiting Assistant Professor of Arabic Mahmoud Meslat was hired over the summer to teach the introductory courses. “As is our process, a group of faculty submitted a request for a temporary line in Arabic to the [Educational Plans and P...

Faculty Searches Reinstated, Suspended

Alex Davies, Staff Writer

November 3, 2017

After informing all College department chairs over a month ago that there would be a temporary freeze on permanent hires, the administration has reinstated two of the five tenure-track faculty searches that were approved last year. The Geology and Computer Science departments each had one search reopened while another from Computer Science and searches by the Comparative American Studies and Rhetoric and Composition departments remained frozen. The suspension was an attempt by the College to address its financial status, according to Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Tim Elgren. “These searches were temporarily suspended due to budgetary considerations,” Elgren said. “The other three searches remain...

Karega Governance Process Enters Seventh Month

Oliver Bok, News Editor

September 2, 2016

As Professor of Rhetoric and Composition Joy Karega’s governance process enters its seventh month, many members of the Oberlin community are asking: What’s taking so long? The disciplinary process began all the way back in March when the Board of Trustees requested that the College begin an official governance process and investigate Professor Joy Karega for Facebook posts that many considered anti-Semitic. “None of us outside of those people on the specific committees have any idea why it’s taken so long and what exactly is going on,” said Chris Howell, Politics department chair. While faculty governance processes are always confidential, the sheer length of the process — as well as the unique issues...

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