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Introductory Arabic Courses Offered On Campus in Fall, Spring

Introductory Arabic Courses Offered On Campus in Fall, Spring

September 6, 2019

Following significant controversy last spring, Oberlin will once again offer introductory Arabic courses on campus this academic year. In April, a group of faculty petitioned the College Faculty Council with a proposal to offer a section each of Arabic 101 and 102. Visiting Assistant Professor of Arabic Mahmoud Meslat was hired over the summer to teach the introductory courses. “As is our process, a group of faculty submitted a request for a temporary line in Arabic to the [Educational Plans and P...

Winter Term to Be Restructured With AAPR

Ella Moxley, Senior Staff Writer

April 26, 2019

Oberlin administrators have been working to create a more structured, equitable Winter Term model in response to the preliminary AAPR recommendations first detailed in March. Future changes include increasing the number of students and professors on campus and increasing the breadth and variety of courses offered. AAPR steering committee members hope that as many as one-third of the student body may remain on campus during future Winter Terms. “[An increased number of students on campus is] a way to maximize use of the institution’s resources and to build a stronger sense of community through shared experiences and organized social events,” according to the AAPR’s Summary of Work to Date document, made public to ...

Student Accessibility Advocates Warrant More Credit

Elizabeth C. Hamilton, Associate Professor of German

October 7, 2016

To the Editors: Sydney Allen’s article, “Report Unpacks Campus Climate on Disability,” (The Oberlin Review, Sept. 16, 2016) gives the Working Group on Disability and Access too much credit for a unique and successful peer-mentoring program. I write to correct the notion that we founded Student Accessibility Advocates, or SAAs. We did not. Sponsored by the Office of Disability Services, the SAAs were well-established by the time our working group first convened. If our work was at all successful, it is due in no small measure to the input of student member and SAA Rebecca Klein, as well as the SAAs’ leader, Associate Director of Disability Services Isabella Moreno. As an Oberlin press release in 2012 and a 2016 artic...

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