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Ginko Gallery and Studio Owner Reports Break-In of Store

Nathan Carpenter, Editor-in-Chief

February 28, 2020

Ginko Gallery, a downtown business known for its art supplies and its resident kittens, suffered a break-in robbery earlier this week. Oberlin Police Department officers were called shortly after 9:00 a.m. last Friday, Feb. 21 in response to a broken window at the gallery, which is located at 19 South Main Street. According to Liz Burgess, OC ’73 and gallery owner, nobody was harmed in the break-in. However, store merchandise was damaged when the front window was broken, and the front register’s cash tray was taken, according to the police report. Burgess said that she has received support from Oberlin community members following the break-in. “I am just relieved that no one was hurt and only a few pieces of artw...

Liz Burgess, owner of Ginko Gallery.

Off the Cuff: Liz Burgess, Owner of Ginko Gallery

April 28, 2017

Liz Burgess, OC ’73, is the current owner of Ginko Gallery, an art and arts supply store downtown. Burgess opened the shop with two friends after grad­uating from the College in 1973. In addition to art supplies, the shop also features studio space for resident artists and an exhibition room to showcase local artists and their work. For many students, the main attraction is the back room where Burgess regularly cares for numerous abandoned kittens. Over the years, students have made a tradition...

Linda Grashoff’s photos from her new book, They Breathe Iron, depict iron-breathing microorganisms called Leptothrix discophora. Ginko Gallery & Studio will display her art through Nov. 15.

Grashoff ’s New Book Uncovers Microscopic Life

October 30, 2015

Photographer Linda Grashoff ’s new book They Breathe Iron brings together two dichotomies: nature versus technology and science versus art. 27 of the photos in They Breathe Iron are on view at Ginko Gallery & Studio through Nov. 15. Sometimes resembling oil spills, the photos demonstrate how advanced technology can measure and record subtleties of our environment, despite the numerous environmental disasters technology itself has created. However, Grashoff ’s photos actually depict beautiful ...

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