Ginko Gallery and Studio Owner Reports Break-In of Store

Ginko Gallery, a downtown business known for its art supplies and its resident kittens, suffered a break-in robbery earlier this week. Oberlin Police Department officers were called shortly after 9:00 a.m. last Friday, Feb. 21 in response to a broken window at the gallery, which is located at 19 South Main Street.

According to Liz Burgess, OC ’73 and gallery owner, nobody was harmed in the break-in. However, store merchandise was damaged when the front window was broken, and the front register’s cash tray was taken, according to the police report.

Burgess said that she has received support from Oberlin community members following the break-in.

“I am just relieved that no one was hurt and only a few pieces of artwork were damaged,” she wrote in an email to the Review. “Oberlin has crime and vandalism like any town, but we also have a caring and concerned community. I am grateful for all the encouragement and support we are receiving.”

Burgess added that the cost to her as store owner will ultimately be greater than the cost of broken merchandise and stolen cash.

“Although I don’t own the building, I am responsible for the plate glass windows,” she wrote. “As a small independent retail business owner, the cost of repairing the window (and sadly, installing a security system) will be a greater financial burden than any cash the burglar took.”

According to Ginko’s Facebook page, in an effort to move on from the robbery, everything in the store will be 10 percent off between now and March 8.