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Agave Staff, Patrons Allege Racial Bias in OPD Incident

Agave Staff, Patrons Allege Racial Bias in OPD Incident

September 14, 2018

Sergeant Steven Chapman of the Oberlin Police Department entered Agave last Friday night and engaged in what sources say was discriminatory behavior toward Black customers. An anonymous male called the Oberlin Police Department on Friday to report a group of people in the alley between Agave and Lorenzo’s the night of the incident, claiming he suspected the group of dealing drugs. Chapman advised OPD to dispatch two police units, both of which arrived at the scene before 11 p.m with a K-9 unit. ...

OPD Offers Law Enforcement Training to Citizens

Charlotte Halloran-Couch

February 28, 2009

In a move designed to improve relations among the town, College and local law enforcement officials, Oberlin Chief of Police Tom Miller has instituted the police department's new Citizen's Police Academy. "Our goal [with the CPA] simply is to give the community a better understanding of police operations," said Miller. He added that it is not meant to function as a training program. Oberlin police officers will teach 16 Oberlin city residents about police policies and procedures. The class will cover a range of topics from officer training to the use of force to bookings and investigations over the course of 10 weeks. Academy classes will begin Thursday, March 12. Miller sees the Academy as an opportunity to...

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