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Woods’ Victory is a Story of Fatherhood, Not Redemption

Woods’ Victory is a Story of Fatherhood, Not Redemption

April 19, 2019

Twenty-two years after Tiger Woods embraced his dad after winning his first Masters at Augusta National Golf Club in 1997, the same man, in his trademark Sunday red shirt and black Nike cap, hustled off the green to embrace his 10-year old son Charlie, also dressed in red and black. Woods won his 15th career major Sunday, marking his first Masters tournament win in 14 years in what the media, golf lovers of all levels, and other professional athletes are referring to as the greatest single mome...

From Varsity to Club: A Tale in Three Tees

From Varsity to Club: A Tale in Three Tees

September 21, 2018

Three years ago, two guys with a little too much free time and a passion for golf had an idea. In fall 2016, Jay Messina — College senior and varsity men’s lacrosse player — and John Sutherland, OC ’18, started Oberlin’s co-ed club golf team. Many of the founding members were teammates from the men’s lacrosse team, but as word spread throughout campus, others joined as well. What began with two students is now at over 20, with six new players coming in this year. While the te...

In The Locker Room with John Sutherland and Jay Messina, Club Golf Founders

In The Locker Room with John Sutherland and Jay Messina, Club Golf Founders

April 27, 2018

Just before College senior John Sutherland arrived at Oberlin College in fall 2014, the College dropped its golf program due to a lack of participation. However, when Sutherland was a sophomore, lacrosse teammate Jay Messina, then a first-year, joined him on the links. The two founded club golf and have recruited others to join in the years since. The team currently is made up of over 20 students, many of whom come from the varsity lacrosse and baseball teams — but the team is also made up of s...

SideBar Releases Realistic New Take on Golf Games

Avi Vogel, Columnist

October 27, 2017

Sports video games typically function as emulations: players run and pass in football games or throw and hit in baseball games. However, some gaming developers have reconsidered sports games platforms, gearing them toward storytelling in some cases. That’s where Golf Story comes in. Golf Story is independent pixel-art golf game from Sidebar Games released at the end of September for the Nintendo Switch. In the game you play as a person who, after not playing golf since childhood, returns to the sport. The story is simple; the golfer aspires to play professionally, despite never playing seriously before. The journey that follows is an elegant romp through a small world of golf courses. Golf Story is split between...

Michael Jacobs and Justin Ruiz Compete in NCAC Invitational

Ray Williams

May 10, 2013

The men’s golf team traveled to Delaware, OH this Sunday to compete in the North Coast Athletic Conference Invitational. Two members of the squad were able to travel and compete, but both fell short of winning the title. The two members of the team that traveled to compete were first-year Justin Ruiz and sophomore Michael Jacobs. Both young men are rookies on the team, and will be returning next season. Ruiz tied for 15th after the first day had ended, posting at 78 on a par-71 course. He ran into some trouble on day two, scoring an 88 on the same par-71 course, which ultimately dropped him into 32nd place. Sophomore Michael Jacobs also contributed to the effort. He struggled early during the first day of the...

Oberlin Golf Struggles at Nye Intercollegiate Tournament

Shuntaro Shirota

April 26, 2013

The golf team returned from a tournament last weekend at the Wooster Country Club, where four golfers competed against elite players in and out of the North Coast Athletic Conference. The Nye Intercollegiate hosted some of the best golfers in the nation, including a Wittenburg University squad that is currently ranked 15th in the country. In the two-day event, which featured 16 different schools, the Yeomen struggled to make their mark. Oberlin’s top finisher first-year Justin Ruiz, who posted a 75 and a 76 on the par-70 course for 21st place the previous weekend, explained, “Wooster’s course was a much more difficult course to play on.” Despite being the top scorer among the Yeomen, Ruiz could not repeat...

The Fall of Yet Another Sports Icon: The Tiger Woods Saga

Hal Sundt, Staff Writer

December 11, 2009

At 2:25 a.m. on Nov. 27, Tiger Woods crashed into a fire hydrant. Allegations followed that the face of the PGA was driving drunk, that there was domestic violence within the Woods household and that Woods has had 10 mistresses throughout his marriage. We can continually stress the old adage that Woods, just like all other pro athletes placed on an absurd pedestal of immortality, is just human, and that like all humans, he is flawed. This is true, but you know what? It doesn’t make me feel a whole lot better right now. I want to vent. I want to have a temper tantrum. It sucks when our heroes let us down. It sucks that Tiger isn’t everything we wanted him to be. We didn’t just want him to be the once-in-a-lifetime...

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